Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Fun!

Last week, Geoff and Kyra went on a fun Daddy-Daughter outing to the Long Beach Aquarium.

Guest Blogger: Daddy!
I had such a fun time last Monday with Kyra on Daddy-Daughter Day.  Kyra was talking about going to the Aquarium (Kyra speak = Akarium).  It was empty and we were able to move through the exhibits as fast or as slow as we wanted.  She loved looking at the big tanks and even sat right down for the scuba diver presentation at the biggest tank right there in the middle of the aquarium.  She loved watching the sea lions jump out of the water.  She was watching from the in-door glass tunnel under the tank so to her the sea lions would disappear and then dive back in and she would giggle every time.  She also had a great time with the birds, the jelly fish, and most of all the play structures by the touch tanks.  After the aquarium, we had lunch at Boston's nearby.  When I asked her what she wanted to do next, she thought for a second and said, "More akarium, more fish in big water!"  So, we went back for a second walk-through.  By the way, she has been talking about going back to the aquarium ever since. 

Kyra in front of the first tank.

Sitting with Daddy in front of the big tank watching the scuba divers feed the fish.

Playing Captain in the boat.

Last weekend, Geoff took Kyra on her very first Ferris Wheel ride at the Balboa Fun Zone.

It's Daddy again!
We took Kyra out for dinner at Newport Landing (they have a great Happy Hour upstairs).  On the way there in the car, on the ferry, and even at dinner all Kyra could talk about was the Ferris Wheel.  "Round and round, up and down, lots of seats."  Jackie had some trepidation, but Kyra seemed convinced that she wanted to try it.  So, daddy decided to give it a try.  I was ready to end the mission at the first sign of panic on Kyra's part.  But, much to everyone's surprise, Kyra loved it and showed no fear of any kind even when it would stop at the top and our car would rock.  Daddy was way more nervous than little Kiki Bear who kept saying, "More go faster" every time the wheel would stop to let another rider on or off.  My guess is that this will not be the last time. 

Daddy checking one last time that Kyra actually wants to go through with this.

Getting loaded up.

Here we go!

Round and round we go.

Look Kyra, there's Mommy.

Disembarking after a fun ride.

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  1. I just love watching you be a dad Geoff. You and Kyra have so much fun.