Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kyra & Daddy

I love taking pictures of Kyra and her Daddy when we're out and about. I should probably have Geoff get me in a few more photos here and there, but I enjoy taking and looking at pictures on my cell phone. And Kyra and Geoff are so cute together! Last night, we took Kyra for a ride on the "neigh neighs" at South Coast Plaza. We discovered a new ride there that's been there all along: the escalators! Last night, Kyra realized that she LOVES going up and down on escalators! And we didn't have to buy a ticket for that ride!

Today, the three of us had a lot of fun strolling around Fashion Island. I love having so many places to go that are fun and easy to get to! And free parking isn't bad either! Those are definitely some advantages to life in Orange County, versus our traffic-filled/expensive parking life in LA. 

 South Coast Plaza merry-go-round
 Kyra now LOVES going up and down on escalators!
 Checking out the koi pond at Fashion Island today.
 Kyra LOVES playing on/near fountains!
 Playing with a light pole. Easy entertainment!
 Playing near yet another fountain!

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  1. I love one with Kyra and Geoff toe to toe at the fountain. Adorable.