Thursday, February 2, 2012

Castle Park in Northwood

Earlier this week, Mommy and Grandma Carol (aka "Maka") took Kyra to Irvine's Castle Park in Northwood. It was her first trip. This is a really fun park that Geoff and I used to go to a lot as kids, but it's been totally revamped. It used to be made up of a big castle that you could play in, and then a few other typical old-fashioned play structures. Well, now it's full of exciting and brightly colored play structures, along with a somewhat smaller castle. There were so many different play structures that Kyra didn't even manage to get to all of them even in the hour or so that were there. We'll just have to go back for more fun playtime!

A collage of some images of what Castle Park looks like now.
I was looking for old photos of what it looked like when Geoff and I were kids, but haven't come across any yet.
Happily playing with some new sand toys!
Tunnel fun
Checking out the castle
Riding a neigh neigh
Another play area
Her first ride on a tire swing!
She loved it and was even trying to spin it around all by herself!
Digging with "Maka"
She loves slides!


  1. What a fun morning at the park. We will have to go back there.

  2. Looks like so much fun (and very different from what I remember)! I will have to take Tasha there one day. See you guys on Sunday!!