Monday, May 16, 2011

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'!

Walking with my Daddy is pretty fun. And walking around in my cute boots is fun too!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our 2nd Mother's Day!

Just when I think I couldn't love this little girl any more than I already do... heart somehow grows and makes room for even more love!
She is my whole world!
Her sweetness keeps me going!
My little angel!
My favorite thing!
I feel so lucky to be her Mommy!
Geoff pulling all 4 girls on a towel - quite a workout!
(from left: Maddie, Izzy, Mia, Kyra)
That's definitely a "girl party!"

On Saturday night, Kyra went down to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a "girl party" with her cousins, who were being babysat by Carol and Phil while their parents went out on a date night. Kyra absolutely LOVES playing with her 3 beautiful cousins! She and Isabella (Izzy) chased each other around the house, and Mia and Maddie took turns playing with Kyra and pushing her around the house in her new pink car! And Kyra's Daddy even pulled all 4 girls on a towel, which has long been a favorite activity for Mia and Maddie, something they ask Geoff to do every single time they see him! I assume it's getting a bit more difficult now that Mia and Maddie are getting so big, and 2 more little girls have been added to the mix! But Geoff is always a good sport! During the "girl party," Kyra enjoyed watching part of Disney's "Tangled," a really adorable Rapunzel story! She has yet to sit and watch an entire movie, but we have a little Disney DVD collection waiting for her when she's ready for it.

We had a fantastic 2nd Mother's Day yesterday! Kyra got more playtime with her cousins, and I got to celebrate being a Mommy to the most beautiful, sweetest little girl in the world (as far as I'm concerned!). Kyra enjoyed playing at the "big park" or "bi-pa", as her cousin Izzy calls it. Although Kyra explored much of the park and even went down the little slide a few times, her favorite activity was definitely the swings, as usual! She wanted to be pushed on the swings 4 separate times, and she was bouncing with delight each time!

It's amazing to think that an entire year has already gone by since my 1st Mother's Day as a Mommy! And what a great year it's been! It's difficult for me to describe just how much I enjoy being Kyra's Mommy and how much I love her. She makes each day such a joy, and I love watching her learn and try new things every day. She's been babbling a lot more lately, although she's still a bit shy with her voice in front of strangers. She's easily the best part of my day, and I miss her as soon as she goes to bed for the night. Her smile brightens my world, and even her tears are cute (although I never want her to cry or be unhappy, and I try my best to soothe her when she's sad or upset). I love hearing her voice and all the new sounds she's trying out, and I can't wait to actually have real conversations with her someday! I'm sure she'll have some pretty amazing things to say!

My first full year of motherhood was an absolute gem, and I love knowing that it's only getting better and better with each passing day! I love my little girl with all of my heart, and it feels so good to know that she trusts me, counts on me, and loves me unconditionally. I still can't believe that I actually created this amazing little person! I try my best everyday to thank my wonderful husband, Kyra's brilliant Daddy, for giving me such a special gift. She's the most amazing gift I could ever be given, and I'm so grateful for her!

I love you my little Kyra, my sweet Kiki Bear! Thank you for bringing such special purpose to my life!