Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kyra's 2nd Birthday Party!!!

Last Saturday, we celebrated Kyra's 2nd Birthday at the Irvine Park Railroad! The theme was Julius the monkey - the Paul Frank monkey - who Kyra really likes. We rented out one of the pavilions at Irvine Park and had a huge feast of pizza, salad, snacks, cupcakes, and of course bananas. It was pretty cold, cloudy, and sometimes windy, but the sun came out a few times and luckily it didn't rain!

Kyra had so much fun playing with her cousins and her friends. She rode the train, which she's been on a bunch of times before and loves. But probably the most exciting part of the day was when Kyra went on her first real pony ride! Kyra loves riding on merry-go-rounds, but this was her first real pony and she LOVED it from the second she got up on that horse! I think we have a lot of pony rides in our future! And to top things off, Kyra even got to walk Charlie Brown, our friend Carly's cute little dog. Kyra did a great job of holding on to the leash and carefully walking with the dog.

While it's still hard to believe that Kyra is already 2 years old, I had been preparing myself for her Birthday for a while. So I guess I've already adjusted somewhat to the idea that my little baby is now officially a 2-year old toddler. But she'll always be my baby girl! Kyra seems very proud to be 2 - she happily announces to store clerks and strangers that she's "twoooo." And she very proudly holds up 2 fingers on her hand, which she only figured out how to do shortly before her Birthday.

All in all the party was great, and we're madly in love with our 2-year old little lady! We have a lot of exciting changes ahead, and it's going to be a big year for Kyra! Next up: Kyra's 2-year check-up at the doctor tomorrow.

Party Pavilion B at Irvine Park Railroad! Our party location!
Practicing her hand gesture - 2 fingers to show that she's 2 years old.
Our happy little helper helped Mommy set up for the party...until she got too frustrated when her balloon kept blowing away, so Daddy took her out to the park to play.
She sampled the chocolate chip cookies before her guests arrived. Kyra tested; Kyra approved!
Amanda Balice (Jake's Mommy) & Jackie. Amanda is busy making Baby Boy Balice #2, who will be joining his big brother around the end of June/beginning of July!
Kyra and Jake
Mom (Jackie) & Grandma Linda
We were all decked out in our Julius apparel!
Playing with ball-in-cup toys. Those were a big hit with all the kids!
Kyra's Julius cupcake tree
Everyone really enjoyed our chocolate cupcakes, which we frosted with blue and red frosting to fit our color scheme. They were topped off with plastic Julius rings, which the kids had fun with.
Our bright-eyed Birthday girl! She insisted that we have party hats, which Mommy decorated with Julius stickers.
Cousin Izzy definitely liked the cupcakes!
These two are so cute together!
Walking with Jake to line up for the train ride.
Could they be any cuter??!!
Patiently waiting for the train to arrive...which took a lot longer than the kids wanted to wait.
Little Maggie Yabroff - such a sweetheart!
"Is the train here yet?"
The Larsons, happily waiting for the train.
"Mommy, seriously. Where is the train?"
Jillian Spitz. Such a cutie!
"Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-CHOO CHOO!!!"
Totally excited for her first pony ride!
Look at that face! She could hardly contain her excitement, and was nicely petting the horse and saying "giddyup horsey!"
Tasha also loved her first pony ride!
Jack Yabroff enjoyed his pony ride.
Kyra loved walking Charlie Brown! She saw Carly holding the leash and said, "Me me handle!" Carly was very nice to let Kyra walk Charlie, and Kyra did a great job of holding on to the leash and keeping pace with the dog.
She's a natural!
Tasha also enjoyed walking Charlie. These girls definitely like dogs!

Kisses with cousin Maddie! Adorable!
And kisses with cousin Mia! Too cute!
Even baby Brooks Larson made an appearance at the party! Next year he'll be running around with the rest of the kids!

Jillian Spitz and her Daddy, Josh, being adorable!
Such a cute little dog walker!
After a big day of partying, Kyra opened her presents and enjoyed lounging around on her new Julius blanket. Happy Birthday beautiful girl! We love you so much!


  1. What a fun day. I can't believe Kyra is two already.

  2. We had so much fun at Kyra's 2nd birthday party! You did a great job and it was so good to see you guys and your sweet little 2-year-old!