Friday, February 3, 2012

One More Week Of One!

Tomorrow morning (Saturday) will mark just one week left until our little monkey turns 2 years old! This last year has brought such incredible growth and change for Kyra - she's an entirely different girl now than she was only 1 short year ago. She's constantly amazing us with everything she knows, and we're continually astonished at how she manages to learn and absorb so much!

Kyra is speaking some full sentences now. For example, she recently told me during her bath that "taking a bath in the bath is lots of fun!" That's definitely her biggest sentence so far, but there have been plenty of other 3-4 word sentences. She's also counting up through 12 now all by herself, and she knows some of the other numbers up through 20 but she mainly likes to count up to 12 and then jump back to 6 and start counting up from there again. She entertains herself by counting! Maybe she'll follow in her Daddy's math footsteps!

She also loves hearing the alphabet song ("A B C D E F G..."), but she refers to it as "B C D." When she sees letters written on tags or shirts or paper or things like that, she announces "B C D on it!" So maybe she'll follow in her Mommy's spelling footsteps! If we can raise a child that enjoys both math and spelling, I think we'll have accomplished the impossible dream!

She's also making funny faces now to mimic certain emotions - when you say "show me your sad face," she puts on the most adorable sad face you've ever seen! She also does it for "mad," "happy," and "surprised." It's utterly hilarious and adorable! She loves her weekly toddler music and movement class on Thursdays, and is great about listening to the teacher and following directions!

I could go on for days about how impressed we are and how much she amazes us, but I'm sure you don't want to read all that! ...What can I say? We're just madly in love with our almost-2-year-old!

Kyra recently requested her mittens and monkey hat to wear while playing! She loves wearing mittens around the house!

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  1. I love those photos of Kyra in her hat and mittens. So cute!