Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mommy-Daughter Day!

I had the day off from work on Friday, so Kyra and I went out for a fun Mommy-Daughter trip to the Irvine Spectrum!  We did our usual tour around Target, then we were off to the "neigh neighs," followed by lunch at Ruby's Diner. For a change of pace, Kyra decided that she wanted to get soaked in the splash pad! Luckily it was warm enough! She and I had a great time!

 Enjoying another car trip while facing forward!
 Doing what she calls her "hand dance" while listening to Madonna
For this ride on the "neigh neighs," Kyra wanted to ride on a panda bear 
 Waiting for the ride to start
 What a sweetheart!
 Self-portrait of us...not bad, considering that I couldn't see what image I was capturing
Another cute self-portrait 
 Enjoying one of the fountains
 Lunch at Ruby's...Kyra is still addicted to Grilled Cheese!

 Kyra loves to wave at me and say "Hi Mommy!"
Kicking a basketball back-and-forth with a Harlem Globetroller, the first female they've had on the team in 19 years!
 Maybe Kyra will play basketball when she grows up?
 She finally asked to wear her sunglasses!
 She happily wore her Paul Frank/Julius monkey sunglasses for a long walk around the Spectrum!
 Maybe she'll finally want to wear her sunglasses without constantly yanking them off her face!
 Such a little California girl! Short sleeves and boots in February! Even though the weather was fairly warm for February, I put the boots on her so that she gets some more use out of them before she grows out of them.
 Ready for the splash pad!
 Venturing out into the water
 Her hands stayed in that raised/cautious position for quite a while!
 Kyra decided she liked the center of the circular splash pad the best! 
 It didn't take long for her entire lower body to be soaking wet!
 Such a happy girl! She LOVED it!
 She was squealing and bouncing and giggling a lot!
 I think she's ready for a water-filled summer in the sun!
 On the way home, playing with her sunglasses while once again listening to Madonna (upon her request)

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  1. I'm impressed that Kyra kept those sunglasses on. Pretty cute.