Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cute Little Monkeys At The Water Park!

Little monkeys in matching swim suits!

These girls are constantly on the go!

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These two cuties have been having such a fun summer together! This morning, they wore matching swim suits to the water park and had a blast playing together! Squeals of delight were ever present, and the girls were constantly in motion!

Kyra Got A Boo Boo...

...a few hours after the incident

...It was actually a pretty big boo boo.

Last Saturday, we were looking forward to a fun outing up to Camarillo with the Balice Family - we had planned to bring a picnic dinner and enjoy a free Steve Tyrell concert in the park. Well, that all changed when Kyra decided to accidentally scare the living daylights out of us! She was playing on a chair that she's played on countless times before. But this time, she somehow slipped and her face went right into the corner of Grandpa's desk - HARD! Poor girl! She was instantly wailing and her forehead swelled up quickly, turning a deep shade of purple with a line indented on her face above her eyebrow! Thank God our eyes are set back in our heads a little bit, or else she might have seriously hurt her eye. Trying to put ice on a toddler's face is essentially impossible, so we quickly realized that our efforts to ice her were useless and the swelling was just going to have to be there for a while. Thank goodness for Yo Gabba Gabba because our poor baby wasn't going to calm down otherwise! After some Yo Gabba Gabba and Tylenol, she was pretty exhausted from the traumatic events, so she went down for a long nap. We contemplated still taking her up north for our original evening plans, but decided we'd be better off observing her and just letting her rest. She didn't show any signs of concussion or other serious head injury, but it seemed like she had been through enough and a long car ride might not have been the most relaxing thing for her. So we were sorry to miss out on our plans, but were happy to see Kyra playful and calm!

She's already healing up and the line down her face has significantly diminished. Babies are such quick healers!
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting To Know The Potty Chair!

"Look Mommy, this is my very own potty chair! This is how you lift the lid."

"And here's how you sit on the potty."

"I think I'll set down my milk sippy, since I probably shouldn't have that with me when I use the potty!"

"Here's what I look like during a 'dry run.'"

"All done! Time to close the lid."
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Yesterday (Saturday), Kyra woke up in the morning to find that she suddenly had a fancy new potty chair (actually, she found out that she has two: one for each bathroom downstairs). We're not really "officially" potty training yet, but we want to start familiarizing Kyra with the idea of it. We'll keep the potty chairs around and let her get used to the concept of using them.

Upon her first inspection of her potty chairs, she seemed to instantly know exactly what to do with them. We let her practice as much as she wanted to throughout the day with her clothes and diaper on. In the evening, just before bath time, we took off her diaper and she sat down on the potty chair and actually used it!

Such an amazing little girl! We know she's talented and we obviously think she's a total genius (probably the smartest 18-month old little girl ever!), but we honestly had no expectation that she'd ever use the potty chair on the first day of having it (let alone the first month!). So she definitely surprised us, much to our delight!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our 18-Month Old!

Our little girl turned 18 months old on Thursday. It wasn't exactly a celebration when we drove her up to LA for a check-up with her pediatrician, Dr. Huang. Since we've moved down to Orange County and will be starting up with new doctors soon, this was her last visit with the doctor who has cared for her since the day she was born. Hopefully we'll find a new doctor that we like just as much as Dr. Huang!
Kyra didn't much like this check-up although, by all accounts, it should've been easier than many of her previous visits. The standard weighing and measuring and checks, and only one shot. Should've been easy! Nope! She put up well with most of it, but really did NOT want to have her height measured! And she definitely did NOT want that shot! She's much more aware now of everything going on around her (as opposed to when she was a bit younger for earlier doctor visits), and just did NOT want to be messed with.
But she passed all of her development tests with flying colors, and Dr. Huang said she's pretty much a perfect little girl (and we certainly agree with that assessment!).
Height: 33 inches (2 feet 9 inches) (somewhere between 75-90th percentile)
Weight: 24 pounds 12 ounces (somewhere between 50-75th percentile)
Head Circumference: ??? I didn't quite catch that measurement (the nurse did) since Kyra was more than a bit unhappy at that point! Her head is a bit on the smaller side - I think the doctor said around the 10th percentile, if I remember correctly.

The toughest part of our day was still yet to come...Dr. Huang said Kyra needed to have a standard lead level blood test done. Since we were only in LA for a few hours, we needed to head over to the lab and take care of that while we could...Of course, Kyra fell asleep instantly when we got in the car, and stayed asleep in the stroller after parking and walking over to the lab. The lab was still closed for lunch when we got there, so she managed to get a little nap in (about 45 minutes total for the day, when she's used to somewhere between 2-3 hours!). Once the office opened back up, I was forced to wake her up, and essentially brace her against me in a chair, with her right armed pinned under mine and her left arm securely extended so that the lab technician could find Kyra's vein and take her blood. Needless to say, it was completely horrible and traumatic for Mom and Kyra both. But we got through it, got out of there, and calmed down quickly! Hopefully we don't have to do that again for a very, very long time!
Our nearly 25 pound 18-month old has come a long way since her 7 pound newborn days! She's said a ton of new words and done a lot more new signs just since my recent post on signing and talking! And she even had another exciting first tonight, which I'll post about soon!
Blissfully napping while the medical lab office was closed for lunch...
...little did she know that trauma was waiting just inside the door, poor girl!

A couple days later, a much happier evening.
Kicking back in her chair, relaxing with her feet up on her ottoman, drinking some cool milk, and enjoying a little Baby Signing Time!

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More Water Park Fun!

Yet another cute bathing suit!
Charging ahead to the "wawa"
"Hi Mommy!"
Two water "babies"!
Kiki and Tasha having fun!
...And she's off!
This was one of the first times they've really PLAYED together and entertained eachother
Checking out Natasha's stroller
"What up, girlfriend!"
"What's this pacifier thingy you've got?"
"Hey, come back here! I'm not done looking at that pacifier!"
"Tickle, tickle, Natasha!"
Kyra and Natasha thought it was hilarious to tap and tickle each other, both in and out of the water!
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Kyra Attends A Wedding!

We had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Nicole Parker and Seth Redford last night in San Juan Capistrano, and Kyra did great! Nicole and her family are longtime friends of Geoff and his family, so it was definitely a joyous event for everyone! Geoff and I went to high school with Nicole and her friend Katie Redford and, after all these years, Nicole married Katie's brother Seth. Seth is a trained Marine and World Champion ballroom dancer, and he certainly takes pride in his military background. Nicole is a talented actress, singer, and comedienne. You may have seen her on MadTV or as the green witch, Elphaba, in Wicked on Broadway.

It was a beautiful wedding with so many personal touches. The Bride and Groom's dog, Roxy, was even a flower girl! So cute! Kyra stayed happily occupied by her books and snacks during the brief ceremony, and then she absolutely LOVED picking up rose petals from the aisle after the wedding. The only problem came when the staff needed to sweep up the petals to get the reception tables set up. Kyra was NOT a happy girl when the petal collecting ended, but she perked back up pretty quickly. She was pretty distracted by everything going on around her, so she wasn't too interested in eating. But she had so much fun running around, dancing with the other kids, and just generally taking it all in. She did amazingly well staying up late (we didn't get home and put her in bed until around 10pm), but it would've been nice if she could've at least held out until cake time! Oh well...Maybe we're owed a delicious dessert one of these days!

The Tipper family really doesn't go anywhere without a camera, so here are more than a few photos for your viewing pleasure!

She was adored by many of the wedding guests, including the one who took this cell phone picture of her and kindly emailed it to me!
Cuddles with Grandma & Grandpa
Keeping Kyra occupied before (and during) the ceremony! She did great throughout the ceremony!
Collecting flower petals from the aisle after the ceremony
Kyra LOVED collecting petals, and didn't want to stop, even though the staff was trying their best to sweep it all up and set up the reception tables...
This is one of Mommy's favorite pictures!
She'd collect a few petals, and then excitedly run to Mommy to hand them over
"Mommy, Mommy! Look! I got flower petals!"
"Here you go, Mommy. Pretty flower petals for you!"
And then the fun flower petal collecting finally had to end...and she was less than thrilled!
But she was back to happy pretty quickly!
Seth Redford, the Groom
All the guys (and Roxy, the flower girl/dog), looking very official!
The Bride, Nicole Parker
Here comes the Bride!
Sealed with a kiss!
Presenting: Mr. & Mrs. Redford!
Kyra & Nicole

Dessert anyone? The table looked amazing! Filled with various flavors of "cake pops" and other treats! Too bad we had to leave before they cut the cake...
A gift for the newlyweds. Nicole starred as "Elphaba" (the green witch) on Broadway.
Seth is not only a trained Marine, but also a World Champion ballroom dancer! Such a talented couple!