Friday, February 17, 2012

Two-Year Check Up

Kyra had her two-year well check at the doctor yesterday. She's now 34.5 inches tall (just under 3 feet tall), putting her in the 86th percentile for height! She's still definitely tall for her age! As for her weight...well, we have to sort of estimate that one, since you-know-who was a bit too scared (to say the least) to get on the big scale at the doctor's office! We tried, but after multiple scream-filled attempts, we decided it wasn't necessary. Kyra loves to play on our bathroom scale at home, which has been measuring her weight at around 26.5 pounds this week. With doctors office scales usually being higher by a pound or two, we're guessing that her weight is around 27.5 pounds. The doctor seemed to think that was about right. That weight would put Kyra at around the 70th percentile. She's got all of her teeth except for her final 2-year molars. Those probably won't be fun when they eventually begin breaking through...

Other than getting on the scale (or, should I say, NOT getting on the scale), Kyra did pretty well at her appointment and actually had a full conversation with the doctor, telling her all about the toys she was playing with, the fact that she has just turned 2 years old, and that she had a big Birthday party with monkeys and cupcakes, and that she made a wish before blowing out her candle! And she even pretended to blow out a candle! We were pretty impressed and surprised, since Kyra hasn't usually been so bubbly and talkative with people she's not too familiar with. So that must be a good sign that she at least likes her doctor...Well, she likes her...except when it comes time for the doctor's physical examination and teeth inspection! That part wasn't so great, but it was over quickly. Surprisingly, Kyra didn't mind it when the doctor looked inside her ears.

Kyra's big treat this week has been her new forward-facing car seat position! We turned her car seats around, and it's suddenly like a whole new world out there for her! She gets so excited to ride in the car, each time mentioning that she gets to be "facin' foe-wad." It's pretty cute! Over the last couple days, she's been requesting (well, demanding, really) to listen to Madonna in Mommy's car. Lucky for her (and me), I just happened to have a Madonna CD in the car already, so she's been bopping around in her seat to the music. It's really fun to watch her in my rear-view mirror when we're stopped at a stoplight. Yesterday she told me, "Madonna is good music. I like this song!" There was more to what she said, but I was driving and had a hard time remembering it all word-for-word. But she just kept going on and on about her love for Madonna music...and I couldn't have been more proud!

Ice cream on Valentine's Day! Ben & Jerry's was giving out free ice cream, so we figured it would be a great opportunity to take Kyra!
Can you tell that she liked it?!
Playing on one of the docks on Balboa Island...One of Kyra's favorite weekly activities!
Checking out the scenery from her new forward-facing car seat position! She LOVES it!
A quiet, snuggled moment!

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