Friday, October 30, 2009

Have A Spooky Halloween!

Kitties can celebrate Halloween too!
(Zoe on the left, Bella on the right)

We're looking forward to Trick Or Treating tomorrow with Kyra's cousins Mia, Maddie, and Izzy, but in the meantime we had a good time "dressing up" our kitties! Amazingly, they really didn't seem all that bothered by the pumpkin hats and collars that we strapped on to them. Geoff and I were laughing uncontrollably while we took these pictures, and the kitties were such good sports about it. Unfortunately for them, their cooperation now has me wanting to do the same thing with little kitty Santa hats for Christmas!

We're looking forward to Halloween 2010, which I'm sure will arrive much sooner than we think, when we get to dress Kyra up for the first time! That leaves me with plenty of time to think of a great costume idea. Baby Jake Balice will be enjoying his first Halloween this year (his Mommy Amanda's favorite holiday!), and will be dressed up as a skeleton. Izzy Smith will also be dressing up for the first time this year, I think as a pea-pod! I can't wait to see all the kids dressed up tomorrow, and I want to see pictures of Jake up in Newbury Park too!

Hopefully my nieces won't be too upset that I don't have a costume - I am planning to wear a Halloween shirt that I found that actually fits over my belly, but didn't feel like investing any money into a pregnancy costume this year. UPDATE: THANKS IN PART TO JOLIENE, GEOFF BROUGHT HOME A CARDBOARD BOX AND IS MAKING ME A "BUN IN THE OVEN" COSTUME!!

Aunt Jen is borrowing my Strawberry Shortcake costume, and I'm sure Mia and Maddie are already hoping it becomes a permanent fixture in their "dress-up" outfits. Geoff came to me this morning with a last-minute idea for a costume he could wear to school (his work) today: he left the house dressed as a "Hollywood Douchebag!" Jeans, sport coat, T-Shirt, Heroes baseball hat, bluetooth earpiece permanently attached to his ear for the day, and was on the way to the newsstand before school to pick up a copy of Variety to carry around with him all day. I told him to also grab a bottle of Fiji Water or Kombucha if he came across it. When I got up after he left (he leaves before 7am), I discovered that he had used some of his travel-sized "LA Looks" hair gel in his hair today! Classy!

Have a safe and happy Halloween tomorrow! Luckily I haven't actually been craving candy and sweets, so I'm not too concerned about over-eating on the candy tomorrow...But I'm sure Kyra and I can make room for at least a few pieces!



  1. You can dress up as a "Bun in the Oven". Wear anything clothes you want, but take a cardboard box, cut out a "door" in the middle of a box that looks like an oven door being opened (downwards). Wrap the entire thing in foil, strap it to your belly, so that your belly is popping out through the Oven "opening" and the door just kinda hangs open. Geoff can be the chef. All he needs is a chef's hat. Easy, Cheap and only funny if your actually preggers, so take advantage of being preggers during halloween!

    Love you!


  2. Very cute Jo! And since I've got tons of time on my hands (ha! I wish). You're great at making costumes - how about you make it for me?! The other night, I was just telling yet another group of people about your famous "Little White Lie" costume!

  3. Wow! Love those kitties and how cooperative they are. Very cute!