Tuesday, October 6, 2009

1 Day Left Until We Find Out The Gender!!!!!!

Only 1 more day to go until we (hopefully!) find out our baby's gender! So many people have weighed in with their opinions that, at this point, I honestly have no "gut feeling" about whether it's a girl or boy. I'll be surprised either way! It's really funny because the consensus started out that I was "definitely" having a girl, and then a bunch of people seemed to think/guess that it'll be a boy. We shall see! If anyone wants to make a prediction or share a story, hit up the comments section at the end of this post.
There are so many Old Wives tales out there - they're kind of fun to look at. According to the Chinese Gender Chart (based on my Chinese age, which is apparently 31, and date of conception) I'm going to have a girl. Based on a general Old Wives tale quiz, I'm having a boy. Based on heart rate, I'm having a girl. Not so much an Old Wives tale, based on ovulation and date of conception, it might be more likely that it's a boy. Acne breakouts (yes, unfortunately) indicate that it could be a girl. My lack of cravings for sweets like chocolate could indicate a boy. Severe morning sickness is said to predict a boy - I wouldn't exactly call what I had severe. And the fact that it hit more at night possibly indicates a girl. Another fun Old Wives tale is based on whether or not your husband gains weight during the pregnancy. Geoff may have put on a couple pounds, so that could theoretically indicate that it's a girl.
The very scientific test of threading a needle and hanging it over my belly provided that a circular motion (as opposed to side to side) means I'm having a girl. Based on the also very scientific opinion of a friend of ours, as well as our waiter at Don Chuy's (our favorite local Mexican restaurant), I'm carrying high (according to them) and so therefore am having a boy. Of course, other internet searches say that carrying high means it's a girl and low means it's a boy.
So check back in tomorrow for an update! Hopefully the baby won't be stubborn this time around. Amanda told me to drink plenty of sugary juice before going in for the ultrasound, in hopes of giving the baby a bouncy sugar rush. I'll be doing that, and am not afraid to bust out a few dance moves right there in the doctor's office, if it helps to get the baby moving!
Lastly, we got some very exciting baby news last weekend from some friends of ours which we had been speculating about and anxiously awaiting!! I'm not going to name names here, but we're very excited that Baby Tipper/Mini Tipdawg will have a new playmate in early April 2010! It couldn't be more perfect that we're having our babies only 6-7 weeks apart! So to my friends, you know who you are: I'm so, so, so happy for you, and I know you're going to be amazing parents! Geoff and I couldn't be more excited about becoming new parents right alongside the two of you!


  1. I still think girl! The Chinese Gender Chart was wrong for me though...

    Can't wait to find out tomorrow whether Jake will have a buddy or a potential girlfriend :)

    I'm so excited for you guys and also for "your friends"! Can't wait to take pics of all these babies together!!!

  2. just finished my little post to go on my site tomorrow -- definitely right along the lines of yours today!!! can't wait!!!

  3. I say a girl. I don't have a good reason, however, anyone I know who is preggo now is having a girl. Maybe its in the water! :)
    Yay either way!

  4. Like my wife, I don't have a strong hunch one way or the other. I have envisioned my life with each and in either case I am ecstatic. I just want tomorrow to come faster and then I want a healthy, happy baby and then I want a healthy, happy wife. Wow, I want a lot.