Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today Kyra and I are wishing Daddy a very Happy Birthday!!

Tonight I'm going to make a Birthday dinner for Geoff (Kyra's going to help eat it!) - I'm planning Thai Chicken Satay with Jasmine Rice. It's a Rachael Ray 30-Minute Meal, so I'll see how long it actually takes me. I made it a long time ago, and it was delicious!

I'm now 24 weeks pregnant, and feeling some stronger kicks. Supposedly around 28 weeks, other people should be able to start feeling her kicks when they touch my tummy. Geoff keeps trying, but so far hasn't felt her yet. We're excited to (hopefully) find out the sex of Baby Larson later today!! Team Blue or Team Pink? We'll see - that baby better be cooperative today during his/her ultrasound!

Here are some pics from our Halloween Trick-Or-Treating last weekend. We all had a great time. All of the kids were adorable, and many of the adults were dressed up too. I'll have to get more kid pics from Jen and the others who had their good cameras with them. I definitely feel like a bad Aunt for not having more pictures of Mia and Maddie, but my little camera wasn't really holding up well in the dark and the kids were really moving so fast from house to house to get all the candy they could carry! Geoff went as a "Hollywood Douchebag" and I went in Geoff's very cute "Bun In The Oven" costume, which we got a few comments on! I also had on my "Crazy Jack's Haunted Pumpkin Patch" t-shirt on, so I was feeling very festive!

(above) Jen as Strawberry Shortcake, with her little pumpkin, Izzy
(above) The one picture I managed to get of Mia (witch on the left) and Maddie (princess in the middle)


  1. SOOO Adorable! I love the costumes! Happy Birthday Geoff!!!!!

  2. Love that Bun in the Oven! Too cute! Happy Birthday Geoff!

  3. cute pics! how cute is that one of izzy with all the pumpkins! loved your bun in the oven!

  4. It looks like Izzy is looking at the pumkins and thinking "I don't belong up here with these pumpkins." Too cute!

  5. You all look so cute!! Happy Belated Halloween!!
    Happy Birthday to Geoff!!
    I'm sure the dinner will be great, it sounds really good!!
    Have a great day!