Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Baby Girl Tipper" Has Her Own Name Now!

Kyra Laikyn Tipper

We're excited to tell you all that we've decided on Kyra Laikyn as our daughter's name! It's so great to finally be giving this baby an identity of her own! Kyra had been at the top of the list for years. We stumbled on Laikyn recently and got very attached to it. Actually, we first saw Laikyn spelled "Laken." Geoff liked it right away, while I almost breezed right passed it and wasn't really going to consider it. It took a couple of days, but somehow "Laken" moved straight to the top of our list of middle names! We decided to go with the "Laikyn" spelling because it seemed more feminine and matched the "ky" in Kyra. We wanted to come up with an "L" middle name in honor of my Dad, Lou, so that he'll always be a part of Kyra's life.

So, for meanings...Apparently our baby girl will in fact be a "a little lady." According to her name, she'll enjoy the sun and water so she's bound to be a good swimmer like her daddy!

The girl's name Kyra \k(y)-ra\ is pronounced KEER-ah.
It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "lady". From the male name Kyros, meaning "lord", from the Persian and Egyptian word for "like Ra, the sun". A short form of Kyria, the Greek title of respect for a woman. May also be a Russian name meaning "beloved".
Origin: Persian
Meaning: Sun, lord

Pronounced "lay-kin"
"Laken" spelling means "of the lake, water."
Derived from the name "Ladykin" - La´dy`kin
A little lady; - applied by the writes of Queen Elizabeth's time, in the abbreviated form Lakin, to the Virgin Mary.

We do happen to know someone with a daughter named Kyra (one of Janice's beautiful twins, sister to the adorable Dylan). Janice and I talked a while back about baby names, and I told her that Kyra had always been on my my favorite names, so hopefully she won't mind sharing! We are reserving the right to change the name, but we really doubt that we will because we love it! However, just in case there's a major scandal in the next few months with someone named Kyra or Laikyn, we'll at least have the option!


  1. I'm loving it more and more, Jackie and Geoff. I'm already starting to think of her as Kyra rather than Baby Tipper. Isn't it strange and wonderful how knowing her gender, and now knowing her name makes her increasingly real and a real person already? Love that graphic with the baby asking her question at the top of this page. See you soon. Love, Phil

  2. Yay! She has a name! Very adorable and I know Janice won't mind at all. The funny part is, that her twins both have "L" middle names too! But Laikyn is very original! Joe, Jake and I can't wait to meet Baby Kyra Laikyn Tipper!!

  3. I think it's an adorable name. I love it! I haven't heard of Laikyn before, but I think it's really cute.
    I'm glad she has a name now.
    She will be a pretty girl to fit her pretty name.