Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goodies In Her Closet!

Still tons of stuff to clean out and shelves to move, but I couldn't resist hanging up what we have so far!
One of my first baby outfits (above)! My parents picked this out for me from Sears when I was a week old. My Mom (or should I say Grandma!) still has some more of my baby clothes to pass along to Baby Girl Tipper!
Very cute little yellow hoodie outfit from Great Grandma Lady (aka Maxine). It's so soft and cozy - I wish they made it in my size!
Kitty sleeper with kitty feet!
Have you ever seen a cuter skirt, because I haven't!
And another similar skirt in purple, this time from the clearance rack at TJ Maxx. Great $4 find!
There's something so cute about baby hangers!
Most of you know I love shoes, so I wonder if Baby Girl Tipper will follow in my footsteps. She'll be trained in walking in high heels from a very young age!
Once we found out we're having a little girl, we were excited to do a little shopping! After trips to Target, TJ Maxx, and Old Navy, we ended up with a few bags worth of goodies! Geoff was nice enough to clear off a shelf in what will become Baby Girl Tipper's closet so that I could enjoy hanging up her things and looking at them!

We've definitely been thinking about baby names! We've got her first name pretty much locked in, but her middle name keeps changing. We think we've narrowed the middle name down to a few options, but we switch back and forth between those options multiple times throughout the day! Once we've made our final decision, we'll let you all know!

Carol and I picked out a ton of fabric earlier this week, so I'm already thinking about a nursery color scheme that will match the Mother-Daughter blankets we're going to make - it's a very cute pattern of white, light green, and pink. I'm definitely anxious to get the nursery completely cleared out so that we can start getting it ready for Baby! Next weekend, we're going to start our gift registry, so we'll be even more able to picture what it'll be like to have a (small) home packed full of baby stuff. Aunt Jen has graciously offered to go to Babies R' Us with us to give us her motherly advice on what we absolutely must get, what we absolutely won't need, and what might be helpful.

It's definitely fun picturing us with a little girl!! After nearly 11 years of just the two of us (and 8 1/2 years with two kitty cats), it'll be great to finally have our own little family!


  1. I am getting more and more excited every day. Jackie and I went shopping at the new Fox Hills Mall and spent way too much (or just enough). We couldn't be having more fun waiting for this little girl to meet her new family.

  2. My heart is melting. Mini shoes, mini hangers, mini clothes, I just love it! She has more clothes in her closet than I do!

  3. So adorable! I can't believe how many clothes she has already!! And I love the shoes (like mommy, like daughter!)

  4. Hi Jackie,
    Glad to see baby girl is already a shoe lover!!
    Me too!!