Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby Registries

Over the weekend, we started setting up our baby registries at Babies R Us and Target. I'm still fine-tuning some things - moving items from one site to the other - but there's lots of cute stuff and it's exciting to begin picturing everything coming together for Kyra! Kyra's Aunt Jen (an amazing Mommy to our 3 beautiful nieces!) was a huge help at Babies R Us, advising us on what we'll definitely need and things we don't need to bother with. Now that I feel a little less overwhelmed about picking out all the baby stuff, I'm feeling more overwhelmed about clearing out our little townhouse to make room for all the stuff! Geoff isn't so worried but has nicely agreed to go along with my desire to push up our baby prep schedule a bit, in hopes of easing my mind a little!

Kyra continues to get a little bigger each day, which is evident in my ever-expanding belly! It seems like all of a sudden, within the last week or so, my tummy has grown a bit. I'll try to get some new bump pictures up soon! I have also started feeling some real movement in there! Early last Friday morning, I was laying in bed and felt a series of tiny kicks - they were small, but strong enough to feel with my hand! I've been feeling them every so often since then, but we haven't been able to time it right for Geoff to be able to feel it yet. I'm sure he'll get to feel some kicks soon, as Kyra continues getting bigger, stronger, and more active.

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  1. YAY for Baby Stuff!!! Baby Kyra is going to have such a PRETTY room!