Thursday, May 31, 2012

More "Pang-gins"

Kyra and Mommy went back to the Aquarium this week for another visit with the penguins. This time around, the penguins were swimming all over the place, but weren't very interested in posing for pictures on the little ledge where kids can walk/crawl underneath.

Kyra finally let me prop her up to see the sting rays in the touch pool. She put her fingers in the water and actually let one sting ray get pretty close to her hand, but I don't think she actually touched it. Kyra remembered the big sea turtle that we saw on our last visit and wanted to go back to the tunnel to find it again. At first we didn't see it, but soon found it hiding. It came out briefly, and Kyra probably could've sat there all day watching it!

Mom's attempt at getting Kyra to look at the camera and pose next to the turtle...Oh well, we'll keep trying.
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  1. Tasha and I are excited to see the penguins with you and Kiki!!