Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kyra's "Mommy & Me" Dance Class

Nearly every Thursday morning since last Fall, Kyra and I have been going to a "Parent & Me: Jazz, Ballet, and Tumbling" class. Kyra loves her class and her teacher ("Mrs. Sarah"), and it's been fun for me to see how much Kyra has grown, learned, and improved week to week. She's so good at listening, following directions, sharing, and participating. Mrs. Sarah is now nearly 7 months pregnant (although you can barely tell because she's so tiny!), and she's going to be taking the Summer and Fall off to have her baby girl. That baby is definitely destined to be a ballerina!

We've only got a few classes left, and I know Kyra and I will both miss going to our weekly class! It's been such a meaningful bonding experience for the two of us, and I know it's something I'll always remember fondly. Since we're hoping to move soon we most likely won't be taking classes in Irvine anymore, but hopefully Mrs. Sarah will continue teaching and we'll be able to track her down at her Lake Forest location in the future!


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