Thursday, May 31, 2012

Maggie Yabroff's 1st Birthday Party

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of attending the 1st Birthday party for our friends' daughter, Maggie Yabroff, at a park in Los Alamitos. Kyra had so much fun running around and playing on all the different play structures. She excitedly and repeatedly went down all the different slides, big and small. Kyra's buddy Natasha was there too, so they had a blast playing together.

A yummy pizza lunch was served from a re-purposed fire truck! Maggie's Mom, Allison, is a fantastic baker and made all sorts of delicious cupcakes and treats for everyone. Kyra took down an entire mini cupcake, and it was exactly the perfect amount for since she told me it was yummy but that she didn't want a second one. I'll have to remember to bake mini cupcakes for the kids at Kyra's next Birthday party since the big cupcakes sometimes go uneaten or unfinished.


  Maggie the Birthday girl and her Mom Allison

Look at the determination on Kyra's face! I think she looks like her Daddy here!

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  1. What an adorable party! Love the dessert table!