Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reflecting On Kyra's 1st Year

We can't believe it's already been a year since our beautiful little girl was born. Tomorrow (Friday, February 11th) at exactly 7:04am, she will turn 1 year old! This has been the most amazing experience of our lives, and we've spent a year being constantly fascinated by every new skill she picks up. We have learned so much in just a year, and there are still so many exciting times ahead of us.

The sleepless nights are over (thankfully), but we'll still cherish our memories of those early days. Kyra sure has kept us on our toes, between teething, trying new foods, learning to crawl and stand, and now, as she contemplates this whole walking thing...But it sure is fun trying to keep up with her. There is nothing better in life than the smile on her face or the giggles she gives us! We've played countless games of peek-a-boo (both with us hiding and, Kyra's personal favorite, Kyra hiding behind her blankie - the blankie she has become absolutely obsessed with and drags all over the house!), "this little piggy went to market," "I'm going to get you" (aka, The Chasing Game), and her new favorites, "Touchdown" (where Kyra throws her hands up in the air) and "Where's Your Beep?" (where she points at her belly button and we say "Beep!"). We know that there are hundreds of new games right around the corner. She's become a very attentive listener when it's time to read a bedtime story, and her favorite book for the last few months has been "What Floats?" Kyra enjoys "Yo Gabba Gabba" in the morning, and goes crazy for "Baby Signing Time" in the evening. She has even started signing a little bit - most recently, to ask for "milk."

We didn't fully understand how much love we would get from our little girl, and we still struggle to quantify the ever-growing amount of love we have for her. The best part of Daddy's day is when he gets to come home to a giddy, happy, smiley, bouncing Kyra who just wants to hug her Daddy. The best part of Mommy's day is, well, just about all of it! How do you narrow it down? Snuggling on the couch to watch "Yo Gabba Gabba" in the morning is pretty nice! Getting sweet little nose kisses from Kyra isn't bad either. One of Kyra's favorite daily activities is to go out for a stroller walk, and she also loves looking at her kitty cats! She loves her visits with Grandma Carol, Grandpa Phil, and Grandma Linda.

Our little girl has become quite accustomed to her Friday trips to our local mall, and she has made friends with various clerks and food service workers throughout the shops and restaurants. Kyra loves playing at the "Punctuation Station" and is getting very good at cruising around the equipment all by herself. We think her favorite restaurant is Qdoba, a Mexican place where she has enjoyed many cheese quesadillas. But she's also a big fan of Italian food, notably Buca di Beppo. She also tends to sneeze in three's, just like her Mommy (Kyra and Mommy both have a tendency to sneeze throughout the day for no reason, while Daddy rarely sneezes at all).

Last summer, Kyra really enjoyed her pool time with Daddy, and she already has a few bathing suits ready and waiting for the coming spring and summer months! Daddy really wanted to dunk Kyra last summer, but Mommy vetoed that idea. Daddy will more than likely accomplish his dunking goal this time around. Kyra has also enjoyed a few picnics around Marina Del Rey and at various parks around Los Angeles. This summer, we hope to introduce her to all the parks that Irvine has to offer. We have a big move ahead of us, and we're looking forward to Kyra growing up in such a wonderful area, and near so many friends and family.

Overall, we are boiling over with ever-growing love for our little girl and parenthood has been so much more fulfilling in this first year than we ever thought possible. Sure, we've had our challenges over the last 12 months. But now it's time to celebrate what a great year it's been and how much fun we're going to have with all that the future has in store for us. We love Kyra so much, and we are excited for everything that lies ahead!

Happy 1st Birthday to our baby girl!


  1. OMG, you're making me cry! Such a great post and such a tiny baby girl in those photos!! It is AMAZING how much they change in just a year. We are so looking forward to helping Kyra celebrate her 1st birthday! And we can't wait to keep up with all of her new adventures as a 1-year-old. Happy 1st Birthday Kyra!!!

  2. I love your new post Jackie. So sweet. It sure brings back memories.

  3. So sweet! What a great post, that Kyra will one day cherish! Happy 1st Birthday, Miss Kyra! xoxo

  4. I follow along your blog (courtney introduced it to me) and I wanted to wish Kyra a very happy first birthday... we are loving parenthood too and I often look at you blog history and see what Kyra was up to when she was quinn's age. time really does fly, huh?

    congrats to you on a year of parenthood!!!