Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kyra's 1st Birthday Party!

Our sweet little Birthday girl!
Grandma Linda & cousin Izzy
Kyra Roodsari, looking as cute as ever
The adorable Balice family
Erik, Geoff, & Zac
The absolutely precious Sophia Connerton & her Mommy Irini
The beautiful Miss Milan Mott!
Contemplating her cake...
Having fun
Trying her very first cake!
Learning about the wonderful world of SUGAR!
Kyra's BFF, Natasha Larson
The Larson Family
"Touchdown!" (one of Kyra's favorite hand gestures)
What a sweetie!
Dennis Kempke & his beautiful Granddaughter Hallie Ralston
Kyra playing with her friends
The adorable Roodsari Family
Braulio Bermudez & his little Lucas
Jake pushes Kyra's toy
The Birthday girl in her sweet Birthday dress, hand-sewn by Grandma Carol
Kyra playing with Grandma Linda, modeling her Mommy's 1st Birthday present for her Grandparents (the gold bracelet) that Grandma saved & gave to Kyra for her 1st Birthday
Kyra playing with her new friend, Sophia
Cuddling with Great-Grandma Lady
Kyra making her Great-Grandma Rene very happy!
Hallie Ralston playing with one of the party favors, a Valentine puppy
Kyra managed to share Grandpa's lap with cousin Peyton for some storytime
Playing with Grandma Carol & Great-Grandma Lady
Checking out "The Lady" with Peyton

Just over 2 weeks ago, Kyra had an amazing 1st Birthday party! It was filled with tons of friends and family, food, decorations, toys, and PRESENTS! Oh my goodness, you all brought so many fantastic presents! Although Kyra doesn't realize (and ssshhhh, don't tell her!), there are a few toys still packed away and waiting for her, since she's still a little small for certain items.

It was definitely Mommy and Daddy's first time throwing a kid's Birthday party - there was so much going on that we forgot to put Kyra's "1" candle on her Birthday cake, Mommy never got around to taking photos of the adorable decor and all the delicious Buca di Beppo food, and we didn't end up taking any specific family pictures. Oh well, we'll do much better in the future!

We had such a great time. Kyra was a little overwhelmed with all the people, so she was surprisingly clingy and tearful at times as opposed to her normally smiley, happy self. At first, she wasn't too thrilled about trying cake for the first time, but we managed to get a few bites in her and I think she ended up enjoying it. Kyra had a lot of fun playing with her friends, and was exhausted by the end of the day. So were her parents!

It's amazing to think that our baby girl is already 1 year old! We truly enjoyed her Birthday, and we can't wait to see what the future holds!

Thank you all for everything!

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  1. That was NOT two weeks ago.....Really?! No wonder Kyra is growing so fast. Time is slipping away from me.