Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kyra's 1st Birthday Dinner!

"I'm 1 year old today!"
The Birthday girl has a fun night out at the Spaghetti Factory
Playing around with Mommy & Grandma Linda
Giving Grandma a "head bump"
She couldn't be any sweeter!
Mommy's little angel
Daddy's little girl!
All smiles for her Daddy
Thanks Rosemary Olson for this adorable Birthday party hat!
Kyra actually liked wearing the hat...briefly!
Trying ice cream for the first time...cold!
Her official 1st Birthday outfit...worn a couple days after her Birthday, due to a minor Birthday throw-up issue!

Kyra had a very exciting 1st Birthday dinner at the Spaghetti Factory in Newport Beach! She was lucky enough to dine with her Mommy and Daddy, Grandma Carol, Grandpa Phil, and Grandma Linda. She had a very special outfit picked out and wore it throughout the day. Unfortunately, we were stuck in some stop-and-go traffic on the way to Orange County and Kyra must've been sucking on her finger...because she accidentally threw up a little during one of the sudden stop moments. Poor baby! On her Birthday! In her adorable "My First Birthday" onesie and pretty pink and black tutu! Fortunately, Kyra's Aunt Jen gave her a "Birthday Girl" onesie for Christmas and I had packed a spare pretty skirt, so Kyra still managed to have a cute Birthday outfit to wear out to dinner. We washed the original outfit and she was able to wear it later on during her Birthday weekend during a date with her Daddy.

Kyra loved her Birthday dinner - she was so playful and happy at the table, full of smiles and excited "touchdown" hand gestures (where she thrusts her hands up in the air like a referee verifying a touchdown in football). She got her first balloon animal, a butterfly, and loved watching the balloon lady form and shape the butterfly. For dessert, Kyra tried some vanilla ice cream for the first time. It was very cold and hard (it must've been straight out of the freezer, and it was taking forever to thaw and soften up), and she's not used to having anything nearly that cold, so she wasn't too interested in it. I think she liked the flavor but was a bit turned off by the cold.

The Spaghetti Factory is definitely one of our favorite places, so it was so much fun to take Kyra there for the first time. The first of many trips and the first of many Birthday dinners!


  1. Kyra, it was so much fun to be with you to celebrate your birthday. You are such a happy and dear little girl!! I love being your Grandma.

  2. Such an adorable birthday girl! LOVE the birthday outfits and the party hat :) The Spaghetti Factory sounds so yummy - we'll have to go with you some time!

  3. She is so adorable in that hat and out of that hat. Either way she is a sweet little princess.
    That year went by fast.