Sunday, January 23, 2011

Playing at the "@" at the Mall

Kyra loves playing in the "@" symbol at our mall's "Punctuation Station" play area. It is made up of a bunch of different punctuation marks that kids can play on. It's the perfect place for her to cruise around. She can move around easily and there's always something within an arms reach for her to hold on to. It's also off to the side, so the bigger kids tend to avoid it. Grandma and Grandpa take Kyra there every Friday, and she gets excited whenever she's sitting in her stroller and sees it up ahead. Today, Geoff and Kyra were playing, with Geoff playfully throwing Kyra up in the air. She loves this fun activity with her Daddy! Geoff asked her if she wanted more throwing up in the air, and she signed "more"! It was a very proud moment for both of us! Now, if she would just sign "more" during meals, that would be fantastic!

Near the "Punctuation Station" is a kiosk that sells small moving animal toys and things that light up and make noise. Kyra's Grandparents often take her over there to see the little doggy that walks along the floor, and other mobile toys. Today, while looking at the doggy, the saleswoman who runs the kiosk looked at Kyra and said, "Where's Grandma and Grandpa today?" It's so funny how much Kyra gets recognized throughout the mall and our neighborhood - checkers at Qdoba, Sprouts, Target, and Old Navy often say hello and ask her how she's doing. She's a popular little girl!


  1. What a wonderful report! I love all the photos of Kyra at the @. And signing 'more'....very cool!

  2. Yes, Kyra is quite the girl about town. I can't wait to see her "more" sign. These are great pics, Jackie. What a cutie. She basically is walking, isn't she? She just needs a little more stability.