Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sneak Peek At Kyra's Nursery!

Painted closet doors
Door to the bathroom
Door to Kyra's room
A window waiting for curtains!
Carol's work-in-progress dresser

Super-comfy glider chair
And matching gliding ottoman

The nursery has officially been painted, and I couldn't resist posting a few sneak peeks! There wasn't the best lighting in the room when I took these pictures, so try to imagine that the pink and green are both a bit brighter. The colors turned out so cute, and Carol and Phil did such an amazing job! Carol's coming back on Friday to put another coat of white on the dresser. We're adding a few white shelves to the pink wall above the dresser. I'm looking around for some cute drawer knobs for the dresser and the closet. Next up, Geoff gets to assemble Kyra's crib, hang curtain rods, and we get to start decorating the room! I also just ordered the cozy chenille glider chair and ottoman pictured above! I can't wait for those to arrive! I'm planning to add a couple other brown accents to match the pink/green/white color scheme. Kyra's Grandma Linda lovingly purchased the stroller/car seat travel system and matching Pack 'N Play from our registry, which are currently waiting to come out of their boxes. I know we'll get tons of use out of those items, so thank you Grandma!!

I'm 26.5 weeks along, and currently trying to kick the cold that I've been dealing with for almost a week. Luckily it just seems to be a head cold, but it's still really annoying! I'm not sure if my cough has been bouncing Kyra around a bit more, or if she's been doing that all on her own, but I've definitely been feeling more kicking and movement recently. Geoff finally got to feel her kicking, so that was very exciting! I can't tell for sure, but at times it seems like she's responding to our voices. It's really fun to think about her wiggling around in there!

This Saturday we're going to the wedding of Geoff's longtime friend, Erik Hugstad, and his beautiful bride, Kristin Hodges. Geoff will be standing up as a groomsman, and I will happily be seated as a wedding guest! Standing for long periods of time isn't exactly my favorite thing now, so I'm looking forward to sitting back and watching the festivities! We'll take pictures at the wedding, so I'm sure I'll get a bump photo or two of myself to post. This Saturday will also mark a couple milestones for us: our 11-year dating anniversary, and also 3 months until Kyra's due date! After 11 years together, I guess it's about time that we're finally adding a baby to our little family (not that our 8.5 year old kitty babies, Bella and Zoe, don't count!)


  1. I can't wait to see the finished nursery! The colors look great!

  2. Anthropologie is a great place to get fun knobs and pulls. And they always have a sale bin too!

  3. I bought some really cute knobs from Anthropologie yesterday! I've always loved there stuff, and decided to splurge a little!

  4. Really cute so far Jackie!!
    You are all doing a great job!
    Have fun at the wedding, and feel better.

  5. the nursery is going to be so cute! can't wait to see it all finished! can't believe you're already almost 27 weeks!!! time flies...

  6. oh my - i have tears right now -- maybe it's just emotional me, but this makes it so real now - it's a REAL room waiting for her -- the colors are so bright - i love it that you went so bold with the colors. i am so happy to be having another member to this family - i know it will bring some much happiness to the girls to have a new cousin here -- you hear how much they talk about my sister's girls back at home , so having a cousin here will be just what they need. and izzy and kyra - oh, the memories they are going to make as little pals! soooooooooooooooooooo excited jack!