Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kyra Is Kicking!!

Last night, Geoff and I were wondering if Kyra might end up being a calm and quiet baby, considering that I haven't been feeling too much activity from her and very few kicks. Well, after what I've been feeling (and seeing!) this morning, I think she's trying to prove us wrong!

I've been sitting here with my laptop, fighting off the desire to procrastinate on research I need to do for a big school project I'm working on. Of course, right when I get down to business and actually start my research, what do you know? Huge kicks! I actually watched my tummy move at least 4 times - big thumps! (the photo above is not me, it's just something I found online. I have no idea if it's real, but after the giant thumps I saw this morning, who knows!) There were a handful of other smaller movements in there, and she's still sort of moving around now as I'm typing! So of course I'm a bit distracted and am having a hard time focusing on doing research. Instead, I'm sitting here talking to Kyra, trying to get her to keep kicking. Research is going to have to wait, since I'm definitely going to continue talking to her and watching my tummy until she falls asleep! Hopefully Geoff is around the next time she decides to get some kicking exercise!

Tonight we're off to our next childbirth class, where we'll practice Lamaze breathing and labor positions. Grandma Carol and Grandpa Phil have been working so hard on Kyra's nursery - you two are amazing!! The room is completely cleared out, except for Kyra's changing table and dresser. The walls are primed and ready to be painted! CaPhwa, as our nieces Mia and Maddie called them when the were too little to say Carol and Phil, are coming back tomorrow and Sunday to keep working! So hopefully soon we'll have some pictures to post of the nursery as it really begins to come together!

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