Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Halloween - Meow!!

Our little "Hello Kitty" on Halloween wearing a handmade skirt by Grandma Carol (with Halloween Hello Kitty fabric), Hello Kitty Halloween t-shirt, Hello Kitty crochet hat, and a Hello Kitty hair clip, with a Hello Kitty candy basket.
For our first outing of the day, we went trick-or-treating at the UCI Marketplace
Kyra was having so much fun looking around at all the exciting activity that she barely noticed that she was wearing a hat (they normally get yanked off immediately!)
Mommy wore a Hello Kitty shirt in solidarity
Kyra held on tight to her Hello Kitty candy basket ALL afternoon, even after it got heavy from all the candy she collected!
Most of the stores in the shopping center were giving out candy, and Kyra quietly enjoyed every minute of it
Once she finally let us put her down, she was off and running, candy basket firmly in hand!
Dancing on the grass
Investigating her haul
A lollipop! Maybe next year we'll actually let her eat a lollipop...
"What else did I get?"
The Asia Noodle Cafe was giving out fortune cookies!
Once her hat came off, her Hello Kitty hair clip was proudly on display
Kyra's Hello Kitty necklace (or "necko", as she calls it), which she wore for exactly 3 seconds
"Look at all the stuff I got!"
Family shot!
Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood
Kyra loved walking around the neighborhood and going door-to-door. We were prepared to go to only 1 or 2 houses, but she surprised us with wanting to keep going for an hour or more. We finally had to bring her home when she was getting tired.
Kyra discovering the deliciousness of a Kit Kat bar!
She loved it!
By the end of the day, she had an overflowing candy basket!
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