Saturday, October 22, 2011

Irvine's Great Park Pumpkin Harvest

Kyra loves riding on Daddy's shoulders
Kyra loves the "big orange balloon," which is currently decorated for Halloween. Kyra says it's "happy."
Arts & crafts, carnival games, a pumpkin patch, trick or treating, a train, & a petting zoo! There was definitely a lot to see!
Taking it all in.
"Mommy, look at what I found!"
Testing out pieces of her Hello Kitty Halloween costume, with a custom-made skirt by Grandma Carol. That Hello Kitty mummy Halloween fabric is so cute!

"C'mon Mommy, keep up with us!"
Posing with my little Halloween cutie!
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We took Kyra to the 1st annual pumpkin harvest at Irvine's Great Park. It all looked like a lot of fun, but it was honestly so insanely crowded that we really couldn't enjoy ourselves. I'm sure it'll be more fun in the years ahead when Kyra is old enough to patiently wait in lines to partake in the various activities. Kyra's favorite part of the outing was our shuttle rides to and from the parking area! She was on the bus saying "wee wee" over and over again! It would've been great to participate in the trick or treating, petting zoo, pumpkin patch, arts and crafts, and everything else, but the lines were just too long! For some reason, the city of Irvine planned this big event to only be on one Saturday afternoon from 10am-3pm, when really it should take place all day, every Saturday and Sunday, for at least the entire month of October! Hopefully they'll wise up next year!

In other news...Kyra has been surprising us so much lately with all that she's learning and doing! This week, colors are her new thing. She's suddenly identifying colors and already knows red, pink, blue, purple, orange, yellow, and white (and I think she knows green too, but can't say the word "green"). For the most part, she's correctly pointing out or identifying the correct color when asked, although she sometimes mixes up pink and red.

Kyra is talking so much these days and it's so much fun to hear what she has to say. She's so full of energy and is so genuinely happy! She's definitely loving life, and we love being her parents! She's gotten a bit clingy lately, wanting to hold on to Mommy and Daddy (mostly Mommy), and she likes to hold our hands and lead us around. All the hugging is just so sweet! I know there will certainly come a day when she doesn't want to be held, so I'm taking advantage of it now while I can!

We're looking forward to Halloween and the official start of the holiday season! Is it too soon to start dressing Kyra in Christmas shirts as soon as Halloween is over?


  1. OMG! That outfit is WAY too cute! Great job Carol! Happy Halloween to your little cutie pie from our little monster :)

  2. I agree that skirt is WAYYYYYY too cute!!!! Why aren't our Kyra's ages reversed so I could get some of THOSE handmade hand-me-downs!? Great job Carol. It looks like you had tons of fun at the festival. Potty training and being sick before that has prevented us from making any festivals yet... Maybe this week?
    PS Have I mentioned that K&D bounce around like little crazies when I check your blog? They LOVE the music. There are head nod/bobs, legs swinging, and swaying. I should record it!