Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gobble Gobble!

Reading books with Great-Grandma Lady (or "YaYee," as Kyra calls her).
Kyra wore her turkey Thanksgiving shirt, and happily said "gobble gobble" when asked what sound a turkey makes!
Entertaining Great-Grandma Rene
Playing with cousin Peyton (Granddaughter of Geoff's cousin Tammy)
Cuddling during a viewing of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," Kyra's current favorite show (she is completely addicted!).
Our second Thanksgiving celebration, on Saturday at Jay & Jen's house
Playing in her cousins' playhouse
Playing with cousin Izzy

It's not easy to get all 4 of these cuties to smile for the camera at the same time
Playing with a hula hoop
Kyra and Izzy had so much fun playing together!
Mia was showing off her "stick on nails" (no longer known as "press on nails" apparently, according to Mia).
Jason attempting to copy Maddie's dance moves
Kyra loves dancing and happily participated in the dance party with Maddie!
Multi-tasking while dancing
Izzy and Santa
Playing with a box of beans - fun fun fun!
Once again, an attempt at a nice photo with all the granddaughters proves fruitless...but still fun!
Two cuties...too cute!
Having fun is one of her many specialties!
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