Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

Dear blog-o-sphere, we've missed you!
Kyra & Natasha at Zoomar's, a children's petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano
"Kyra, someone wants to be friends!"
(or maybe he's just looking for some food!)
Enjoying the animals!
That's a big turkey!
"Quick, take the picture before the goats get us!"
...And here come the goats...
"Look Mommy, a big pumpkin!"
(or "puncky-o," as Kyra calls pumpkins)

Playing in the play structure
"Look Mommy! A choo-choo train!"
Riding on the "choo choo"
Yes, she loved it!
Checking out the "ZeDonks" (zebra-donkeys)
Playing in the corn kernel pit

Sitting on the toy tractor, pretty proud of herself!
Contemplating the big-kid swings...
Giving it a try!
When did she get so grown up?
Goofing off during lunch at Ruby's Diner
"Tickle, tickle Tasha!"
(or "ticka ticka," as Kyra says it)
"Talk to the hand"
Such giggly girls!
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No, I didn't quit blogging! Just been a bit busy these days...I went back to work last month, so making time to blog has been a bit tough, but I'm hoping to be better about it.

Natasha and her Mommy invited Kyra and I out for a fun morning at Zoomar's, a children's petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano. The girls had so much fun looking at all the different animals (they have bunnies, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, donkeys, ponies, llamas, and "zedonks" (zebra-donkeys). You can feed and pet the animals, although Kyra was more interested in just looking at them. They also have a fun little train, so Kyra was thrilled about that! There's even a play pit filled with corn kernels to play in.

After a fun time at Zoomar's, we went out for lunch at the nearby Ruby's Diner, and the girls continued to entertain each other in their high chairs. Those two have so much fun together!

Thank you Shaunna and Natasha for a fun morning!

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  1. Welcome back to blogland! Those girls are too cute and look like they have so much fun together! Wish we lived closer so we could join you on one of your outings and add our rowdy little boy to the mix :) We'll have to try to get together soon. Miss you guys!