Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby Gavin!

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting baby Gavin, who is officially 2 weeks old today. His mommy, Jen (left, in the picture at the top) is looking and feeling great! I think I held Gavin for 45 minutes or so while he slept in my arms. He's absolutely precious, has the cutest red hair, and was making all kinds of adorable koo-ing sounds while he slept!! Amanda is now in her 8th month and is getting closer and closer to delivering baby Jake - she's due next month! So I'm getting some great advice and input on the various stages of pregnancy and childbirth.

I'll try to post some pictures soon of my tiny growing belly. It's small, but it's definitely there! Someone in my class last night, who I'm assuming has overheard me talking to a friend in there about being pregnant, very cutely identified that I'm "growing." It was cute, although I think it's really still too soon for most people to be asking me if I'm pregnant! It looks like I might've just eaten a few too many burritos recently. I'll be 12 weeks on Thursday! I can't wait to be through the first trimester in a couple weeks! Hopefully the morning sickness will be gone for good soon!


  1. You all look so cute!! Baby Gavin is so adorable, I enjoyed holding him as well. It's good practice for all of us. Can't wait to hold baby Jake, and baby Tipper too!!
    You look great, you will get big soon enough.
    Hope you feel better soon,

  2. Can't wait to see the Jackie Baby Bump! I can't believe how big I already am - and I still have 8 weeks left to get even bigger!!! Enjoy that tiny belly while you can :)