Wednesday, August 12, 2009

13 Weeks Tomorrow!

We had a check-up with the doctor today, and everything seems to be going well! We weren't able to hear the baby's heartbeat yet with the doctor's Doppler device - we heard a heartbeat, but we think it was mine! So we got to see the baby on the ultrasound again (sorry, no new pictures, so that's why I posted the illustration above of a baby growing at 13 weeks). Baby Tipper was happily bouncing and moving around, flexing it's hands and opening and closing it's jaw! It's amazing how something so small can already look so big and human! According to the baby books, it's about the size of a plum now. Supposedly I should start feeling movement soon! I guess I'm already feeling some sensations, but wouldn't really call it movement yet.

I've started feeling better lately (knocking on wood as a type this!), so hopefully the morning sickness is on it's out. I think my appetite has also been picking up, so the recommended 1 pound per week weight gain may be starting soon. I know I need to post photos of my tiny growing baby bump. I'll try to do that soon!


  1. So exciting! Glad that you are feeling better and can't wait to see your bump pics :)

  2. Hi Jackie,
    It's all very exciting!! So glad you are feeling better. I know what that is like!
    Looking forward to seeing you at Amanda's shower.