Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our 18-Month Old!

Our little girl turned 18 months old on Thursday. It wasn't exactly a celebration when we drove her up to LA for a check-up with her pediatrician, Dr. Huang. Since we've moved down to Orange County and will be starting up with new doctors soon, this was her last visit with the doctor who has cared for her since the day she was born. Hopefully we'll find a new doctor that we like just as much as Dr. Huang!
Kyra didn't much like this check-up although, by all accounts, it should've been easier than many of her previous visits. The standard weighing and measuring and checks, and only one shot. Should've been easy! Nope! She put up well with most of it, but really did NOT want to have her height measured! And she definitely did NOT want that shot! She's much more aware now of everything going on around her (as opposed to when she was a bit younger for earlier doctor visits), and just did NOT want to be messed with.
But she passed all of her development tests with flying colors, and Dr. Huang said she's pretty much a perfect little girl (and we certainly agree with that assessment!).
Height: 33 inches (2 feet 9 inches) (somewhere between 75-90th percentile)
Weight: 24 pounds 12 ounces (somewhere between 50-75th percentile)
Head Circumference: ??? I didn't quite catch that measurement (the nurse did) since Kyra was more than a bit unhappy at that point! Her head is a bit on the smaller side - I think the doctor said around the 10th percentile, if I remember correctly.

The toughest part of our day was still yet to come...Dr. Huang said Kyra needed to have a standard lead level blood test done. Since we were only in LA for a few hours, we needed to head over to the lab and take care of that while we could...Of course, Kyra fell asleep instantly when we got in the car, and stayed asleep in the stroller after parking and walking over to the lab. The lab was still closed for lunch when we got there, so she managed to get a little nap in (about 45 minutes total for the day, when she's used to somewhere between 2-3 hours!). Once the office opened back up, I was forced to wake her up, and essentially brace her against me in a chair, with her right armed pinned under mine and her left arm securely extended so that the lab technician could find Kyra's vein and take her blood. Needless to say, it was completely horrible and traumatic for Mom and Kyra both. But we got through it, got out of there, and calmed down quickly! Hopefully we don't have to do that again for a very, very long time!
Our nearly 25 pound 18-month old has come a long way since her 7 pound newborn days! She's said a ton of new words and done a lot more new signs just since my recent post on signing and talking! And she even had another exciting first tonight, which I'll post about soon!
Blissfully napping while the medical lab office was closed for lunch...
...little did she know that trauma was waiting just inside the door, poor girl!

A couple days later, a much happier evening.
Kicking back in her chair, relaxing with her feet up on her ottoman, drinking some cool milk, and enjoying a little Baby Signing Time!

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