Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting To Know The Potty Chair!

"Look Mommy, this is my very own potty chair! This is how you lift the lid."

"And here's how you sit on the potty."

"I think I'll set down my milk sippy, since I probably shouldn't have that with me when I use the potty!"

"Here's what I look like during a 'dry run.'"

"All done! Time to close the lid."
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Yesterday (Saturday), Kyra woke up in the morning to find that she suddenly had a fancy new potty chair (actually, she found out that she has two: one for each bathroom downstairs). We're not really "officially" potty training yet, but we want to start familiarizing Kyra with the idea of it. We'll keep the potty chairs around and let her get used to the concept of using them.

Upon her first inspection of her potty chairs, she seemed to instantly know exactly what to do with them. We let her practice as much as she wanted to throughout the day with her clothes and diaper on. In the evening, just before bath time, we took off her diaper and she sat down on the potty chair and actually used it!

Such an amazing little girl! We know she's talented and we obviously think she's a total genius (probably the smartest 18-month old little girl ever!), but we honestly had no expectation that she'd ever use the potty chair on the first day of having it (let alone the first month!). So she definitely surprised us, much to our delight!

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