Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1st Time In A Swing!

Kyra and I went for a walk in Irvine last weekend, and we ended up at my childhood park at the end of the block that I grew up on. We decided to try out the swings for the very first time, and Kyra loved it! I only had my cell phone with me, but I managed to catch some fairly decent photos and even a cute little video. The swing set and play equipment that are in the park now were put in, if I remember correctly, when I was around Junior High School-age. The park that I used to play at when I was a little girl was a bit different, less safe...I'll have to see if I can find some photos of me playing in the park. It's so fun to think that I can take Kyra to some of the same places I loved when I was little.


  1. Ok, so I remember doing a project for spanish or something in that park. Am I delirious, or did that happen? Kyra is ADORABLE!!!

  2. Oh Jackie, you got so many adorable shots of Kyra! She is so grown up...swinging just like a big girl.