Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tummy Time!

Enjoying tummy time...
Kyra's not a fan of naps by herself, but she loves naps with Daddy
Another Paul Frank monkey onesie - this one was a surprise gift from Daddy!
Kyra's learning to roll on to her sides
She's also very good at turning herself around on her play mat or in her Pack N Play.
Kyra: "Please don't put me in my crib to nap. I'll scream if you do. I'd much rather just lie here with Mommy and rest my eyes for a few short minutes."
Kyra: "I love to drool and burp during tummy time."
Enjoy the video above, complete with some smiling, burping, and drooling all in one!

Kyra has been practicing her rolling skills a lot lately, rolling from side to side on her play mat. We help her out with rolling on to her tummy, and she always lets out a burp and some drool during tummy time! Right now, she only enjoys a few minutes of tummy time before getting a little fussy, but she's doing great with lifting her upper body up while on her tummy! Kyra's also been working on her grabbing skills and vocal skills. She makes all kinds of noises now, and I swear I'm hearing the beginnings of laughter and giggles! I can't wait for the giggles!

We've also been introducing her to some of her "deet deets" (little snuggly blanket animals, named "deet deets" by Kyra's cousins when they were babies), and she has been enjoying snuggling and playing with them during the day.

Kyra is such an amazing nighttime sleeper, but she doesn't seem to like napping much during the day. We take her out for long walks in the stroller, where she might nap for around 30 minutes or so. She loves looking around at everything outside, so lately our walks have been averaging around 90 minutes.

I'm reading up on solid foods because I anticipate that Kyra's pediatrician will want us to start her on solids shortly after her 4 month checkup next month. I've been learning about Baby-Led Weaning, which has babies exploring foods with their hands and feeding themselves. It's a concept that helps babies become less-finicky eaters by letting them choose for themselves, discover new tastes and textures, and eat at their own pace. I'm guessing we'll probably end up doing a combination of Baby-Led Weaning and organic baby foods, but we'll see what works best for Kyra.

The weather has been unseasonably cool and cloudy here lately, but the hot and sunny days are heading our way. I've been looking at pool floating devices for babies lately and will probably be ordering one soon. The heater in the pool in our complex is officially on, so we're just waiting on the weather to warm up a little before we put Kyra in the pool for the first time. Should be soon though! Hopefully she'll love the pool as much as she loves bath time!


  1. Kyra is adorable.

  2. I LOVE her smiles!! It has been way too long since we have seen her...she is looking so much older already!

    Did you ever get that napping book? If not I can give you mine on Saturday...