Wednesday, May 5, 2010

12 Weeks, Almost

How is it possible that my little baby girl is going to be 12 weeks old tomorrow? I think this will be the last time I'm able to tell people how old she is in weeks. After this, I'm going to have to move on to months, and then years! So I'm going to try to savor this next week as much as possible. Kyra will be 3 months old on May 11, but 12 weeks just feels so much younger!

Mom, Dad, and Grandparents have all been sick with colds over the last week or 2 but, luckily, Kyra seems to have remained healthy. We're all on the mend now, so hopefully she won't catch anything now. She's been working on her hand/eye coordination lately, learning how to hit at her toys and try to grab them. She'll grasp things if you put them in her hands, and loves to grab at her Sophie Giraffe toy. On her playmat, she's able to slowly wiggle and turn her body so that she starts with her head facing one direction on the mat and ends up facing the other side. She also loves to "stand" if we hold her up. She wiggles and shimmies her whole body. She's so strong!

Kyra's been developing her vocal skills lately, making all kinds of adorable squeals. She's also been smiling so much! It's the cutest thing! But she's been making it pretty tough for us to get photos of her smiling. She's much more interested in looking at our faces than at our cameras! I included a smile picture above, but that's just a small smile compared to her full-face smiles!

Kyra got to play with her Aunt, Uncle, and cousins last Saturday, so there are also a few pictures from that afternoon!

Oh, by the way, Kyra's Daddy has started blogging. You can follow his blog at "Tipdawg's Love/Hate Relationship With The World." I don't know how to make the title a hyperlink (is that what they're called?), so I'll just include the regular link here:

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  1. Can't believe Kyra is almost 3 months old!!! Those outfits are all adorable, and that last smiley pic of her is so cute!!! The one of her and Izzy is pretty funny too!

    Can't wait to see her again soon!