Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some New Maternity Photos

Shaunna and I did a maternity photo shoot last weekend with a friend of ours from High School, Selen Ermanav. We're still waiting to see the rest of the photos, but Selen has shown us these so far. They turned out great, so I'm really excited to see the rest!

I need to get Geoff to take some new bump pictures of me, so I'll try to get a few posted soon! I had another check-up at the doctor this morning, and everything seems to be going smoothly. Kyra's heartbeat was perfect, and the doctor will check me next week to see if I'm dilated at all at that point. We went over my birth plan, which all seems to be in order. Geoff will just have to decide whether or not he wants to "cut the cord." He's still on the fence, so we'll see what he ends up doing. I'm nearly 38 weeks pregnant, so it's just a waiting game now! Our neighbor is technically due with her baby boy (Ethan) tomorrow, so we're waiting to see what happens! She's planning a natural birth without any medication. I wish her all the best with that, but I had a nice talk with my doctor this morning all about getting my epidural! I'm all for pain relief, thanks!

We'd normally be heading to our friend Bryan's apartment this Sunday for his annual Super Bowl party but, since we're not straying too far from home these days, we'll be enjoying "The Big Game" and all the commercials from our couch this year. Assuming I have the energy, I'm planning to whip up my Mexican layered dip and Geoff is making tacos. Yum, I'm making myself hungry (pretty easy to do these days!).

I hope to post more maternity photos soon, as well as bump pictures. Who knows how much time we actually have left with this big belly of mine! My sore knees and pelvis are hoping it's not too much longer, but my anxious/nervous brain might want to keep her in there until we're a little closer to my February 21st due date!

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!


  1. ©, Photos by Selen Ermanav, photoshop by Abraham Joseph Pal.

  2. is geoff really on the fence about the cord? i thought jason was the only one who gets queasy with that stuff -- i hope he does - by that point in the birth, he'll be over the shock of what's actually going on and will probably want to cut it.

  3. Those photos are too cute! Not much longer now!!!! Can't wait to meet you Baby Kyra!

  4. Cute photos Jackie.
    Maybe you will have a Valentine baby.
    Can't wait to find out.