Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Any Day Now!

Hi everyone!

I'm now passed the 38-week point, and my due date is officially in less than 2 weeks! It's so weird to be able to say that my due date is NEXT WEEK (Sunday, February 21st)!! I've started having contractions, although they're still at completely random times and it's impossible to predict when the next one is coming. I had a really bad one yesterday morning, so I thought maybe things might start progressing quickly. But things actually seemed to settle down after that, so it's hard to know exactly how this is all going to go.

I've included photos of Kyra's completed nursery, as well as some pictures of my huge belly from a few days ago. In the nursery photos, you can see the custom painting we had done with Kyra's name. It turned out really cute and we love it! Check out the link for the "Custom Nursery Art" blog under my blog list on the right side of the screen to see more great work from Kimberly Cox. She's a very talented artist!

The nursery is ready, the house is ready, our bags are packed, car seat is installed...so now we're just waiting. We go back to the doctor on Thursday to find out if I'm dilated at all yet. We're kind of hoping that I go into labor this weekend, since Geoff already has Monday off for President's Day. That would give him one extra day off when the baby is born, so we'll see what happens. As far as I know, our pregnant neighbor who's due date was last Friday still hasn't given birth to her baby boy yet. So we'll see which baby arrives first!


  1. The completed nursery looks adorable! The Kyra sign is so cute and I love the "make a wish" banner too :)

    We can't wait to meet Baby Kyra!!! So excited that she is almost here! I hope it works out for Geoff to get that extra day!

  2. Wow! LOVE the nursery! And love the kitty checking out your big ol' belly too!! Good luck Jackie!!!

    xo xo

  3. the room looks adorable jackie! can't wait to see it - and kyra!