Monday, December 21, 2009

Single-Digit Weeks Remaining!!!

I'm 31 weeks as of yesterday, which means we've officially crossed the threshold into single-digit weeks remaining until my due date!! Only 9 weeks to go! That seems crazy to me - I can't believe how fast this has all gone by! Tomorrow's my Birthday (tomorrow I enter the world of my 30's!), which always marks the start of the December holidays for me, then Christmas, then New Years, then before I know it, it'll be January 16th and time for the Baby Shower.

Once the Baby Shower's over, I might slowly enter full panic mode, where I'll feel like I'm suddenly out of time even though I'll still technically have a little over a month remaining. That's how I work - for those of you that know me well, you know that I need to be prepared and early for everything (at least by a few minutes!); to be "on time" makes me feel a little bit like I'm going to be late for something! I know, it's ridiculous. I was raised by the notoriously late Mom (and by late, I mean LATE!! Sorry Mom, but it's true and you know it!), and the notoriously 5 minutes early Dad. My brother got the lateness gene, and guess what I got!

But I really have no need to worry - although Geoff says that I find a way to worry about something all the time (he's probably right, but I can't help it, although I think I've greatly improved over the last few years!). I know we'll be ready. The house will be ready, Kyra's room will be ready, but will I be ready? Well, is anyone ever fully ready? If my recent exhaustion and frequent trips to the bathroom are any indication, I know I'll at least be ready to get her out of my tummy and into my arms! I love feeling her kicking and moving so much these days, but it'll be so nice to actually meet her and start getting to know her!

In terms of the "kick counting," Kyra's been passing with flying colors! She's generally really active in the morning (around 5:30-6am), or is at least easily woken for a little playtime with Mommy! So I've been enjoying morning kicking sessions with her. In the bathtub last night, I watched my tummy jolt and tumble uncontrollably as she rolled around and "swam" during my bath! And she's also had the hiccups at least twice, so that's been interesting!

Geoff's enjoying his winter break from school, and I'm finally done with all my school work too, so now the focus turns to enjoying the holidays and finishing our baby prep work around the house. We're still totally on target for reaching our goal of completing all the baby prep by midnight on New Year's Eve! That way, we'll have January to leisurely organize new baby gifts into the house. And I'm keeping February open for now (since I must always be prepared ahead of schedule), just in case Kyra inherits the "early" gene from her Mommy and Grandpa Lou!


  1. 9 Weeks...or less until you meet Kyra! It's going to fly by! I'm sure you will get everything done in time. xoxo

  2. It's going to go by fast now!!
    Happy Birthday!!

  3. Can't believe that Kyra is due 2 months from today!!! Time flies. We can't wait to meet her! Don't worry, you'll be as ready as you can be by the time she arrives!