Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas - 32 weeks

Merry Christmas!!
At the Paseo Nuevo Mall in Santa Barbara (above)
Outside of Woodstock's Pizza in Isla Vista (our favorite college pizza!)

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and that Santa was good to you! We had a great time, and Kyra got some very cute gifts! I'm including a couple belly picks from our day trip to Santa Barbara last Tuesday (in honor of my 30th Birthday!). I just keep getting bigger!

We had another doctor's appointment this morning, and I mentioned to the doctor that I've been having a bit more discomfort and light cramping in my lower belly - it seems like Kyra's been putting some pressure on me lately! So the doctor checked my cervix, which is still within the normal range at 3.16cm, but is close to the 3cm mark of being on the thin side, which could signal pre-term labor. There's no immediate cause for concern and I don't need to go on bed rest yet, but I was told to take it easier and stay off my feet if possible. I go back in on Thursday for another check up to see how things are looking. The doctor told me I need to take it easy until at least 35 weeks (I'll be 32 weeks tomorrow). After that, it's okay for Kyra to come out - although I certainly hope she stays in longer than that, so I'll continue taking it easy!! We have no real reason (yet) to believe that she'll actually be born early, but it's definitely got me thinking about being fully prepared well ahead of time!

We got to see Kyra's face on the ultrasound this morning, and she looked adorable! She looks like she's filled out and actually looks like a real baby now. Not that she hasn't looked like a baby all along, but she's got the chin and chubby little cheeks now that babies are supposed to have! She's head-down/face-up now and the doctor said that, at this point, she should be staying put and so hopefully I don't need to worry about her being breech.

Sadly, I'm not going to be able to help Geoff out with much of the remaining cleaning and organizing that's left to do around the house, but he's already made significant progress and is doing an amazing job!

Have a wonderful last week of 2009, and best wishes for a terrific 2010. I know ours is going to be good!


  1. Okay, so it's resting for Jackie for the next couple of months, got it. Keep Kyra comfy and resting, too. We're happy to come help Geoff with the clear-out of your downstairs, if you want. Take care of yourself, sweetie.

    Oh by the way, couldn't help noticing at Woodstock's pizza the sign behind you advertising their "Frequent Woody Program", definitely a college pizza place!

  2. You look great!! Sorry to hear about the cramping - a prescription to relax and take it easy sounds good though! And I'm SO GLAD to hear that she is not breech!!!!