Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Jake Balice!

Our friends Amanda and Joe welcomed their adorable baby, Jake Grayson Balice, early yesterday morning. They weren't expecting him until Thursday, but Jake decided to make a very exciting entrance at 4:03am on Monday, September 21 (8 lbs, 4 oz, 21 inches). You can check out the link to "Baby Balice Blog" on the side of my blog for their delivery story - I'll spare you the wild details. Let's just say that, statistically speaking, Jake had a very rare type of birth! Amanda told me not to post any pictures of her, but I couldn't resist putting a few here...so hopefully she won't be too mad at me!

Geoff and I got to meet him yesterday afternoon, and he's absolutely precious! He looks a lot like his daddy, but has his mommy's nose, mouth, and chin. Geoff and I left the hospital feeling very excited about meeting our baby in 5 months (my due date is exactly 5 months from Jake's birthday). But I was definitely feeling like there's a lot to do in a short amount of time (I know it's going to fly by!). Geoff, of course, isn't worried at all! Apparently he doesn't live in the same messy, cluttered home that I live in.

We've got a little more than 2 weeks left until we find out the sex of our baby. My sister-in-law, Jen, has decided that she's getting a nephew. We'll just have to wait and see!


  1. Hi Jackie,
    You and Geoff look very comfortable holding Jake! Great photos!
    Glad you guys could come up and meet him. It's so nice that Amanda and Joe have such great friends!
    We can't wait to meet baby Tipper soon. Jake needs some good playmates.
    Talk to you soon,

  2. OK let's see if this comment lands/

  3. OK, Jackie, with Phil's help I figured out how to actually post a comment. Anyway, what I tried to say before was that I love seeing you and Geoff holding Jake. I can't wait to meet Baby Tipper.

    Joe and Amanda must be so happy and excited to finally be holding and enjoying Jake. What a beautiful baby he is. And all that hair! Joe and Amanda are going to be such wonderful parents. Please give them our love.