Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kyra's First Braid!

Doing the hair of a constantly wiggly toddler is not an easy task, but I decided to attempt braiding Kyra's hair this morning. For my first time, and considering that she was moving around throughout the entire process, I think I did a fairly decent job. With a little practice, I think this will be an adorable new hairstyle for Kyra! Her hair just keeps growing and growing!

How long until this neatly brushed hair is scrunched and flying all over the place?

This face says, "Mommy, why must you photograph every moment of my life? My first braid? Really?"
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  1. So cute!! Her hair is getting super long! I only tried braiding Natasha's hair when it is wet after bath time. But I just love her curls when it is dry.

  2. OMG, she looks so old with her braid! So cute!!!