Monday, January 16, 2012

Santa at the Irvine Park Railroad

Before heading up to Beverly Hills to see Santa, we took Kyra for a ride on the Irvine Park Railroad to meet Santa. Kyra had a great time looking at all of the lights and riding on the train! Unfortunately though, it was extremely cold (really, seriously, crazy cold for southern California) and we had to wait in a long line outside in the cold before we finally got up to Santa. By the time it was our turn to see Santa, Kyra was "all done and finished," as she likes to say after she finishes her meal. She was tired, cold, cranky, and ready to head home, and wasn't the happiest little elf for Santa. But at least she enjoyed most of her evening.

Another cute Christmas outfit...that instantly gets covered up by multiple jackets because it was so freezing cold!
Mrs. Claus amongst the lights
Checking out the lights with Mommy
Our little elf
3 generations
Happy family enjoying the lights
Waiting for the Christmas train with one of the train engineers
With "Maca & Papa," as Kyra calls them
She LOVES the train at Irvine Park, and was thrilled with all the Christmas lights
So happy on the train that the extreme cold didn't even bother her...yet
Fun with Daddy
Giving kisses to Grandma Linda
Kisses for Grandma Carol
Kisses for Daddy
Playing in the sleigh, trying to pass the time while we waited in line for Santa
By the time we got to Santa, after at least 20 minutes of waiting, Kyra had had enough of the freezing cold and it was way passed her bedtime...
She was exhausted and cold and didn't love Santa, but she enjoyed the rest of the evening
Riding the train back to the car

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  1. I'm so happy to finally see blog updates!! Looks like you guys had tons of fun with all of your Christmas activities this year! Such cute pictures and great memories for you. That blue coat is so adorable! And don't get me started on Kyra's Christmas dress and matching doll!!! :)