Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hangin' With Tasha: Ladera Ranch Water Park!

Happy little swimmers!
"Daddy! Let's go and play up there!"
Shaunna and her little bathing beauty, Natasha
Kyra loves the water, just like her Daddy!
The water is the perfect height - just right for the girls to walk around in it
"Look Kyra, the water bucket is about to tip over!"
"Here comes the water!"
Big splash!
Natasha and Kyra loved playing in the water!
Are these two cute, or what?!
BFF's at play!
Splish, splash!
Another view of the water bucket as it tips over
Natasha, hangin' with her Mommy!
Climbing around the wet play structure

On Wednesday, Shaunna and Natasha graciously invited us over to check out their local Ladera Ranch Water Park. This place is amazing! Kyra had a great time and loved being able to walk around and play in the water. It was a little cloudy and cool while we were there, but I'm sure Natasha loves playing in the water when it's really hot outside. Kyra had so much fun leading her Daddy all over the big play structure, and she didn't mind at all that she was constantly getting splashed! She has always been a little water baby (or, I guess now she's a water toddler). The water is the perfect depth - the kids can walk right into the water and it slowly slopes downward, getting only waist-high on Kyra and Natasha. So they are easily able to walk around in there (although we still held Kyra's hand a bit while she was getting used to it all). Shaunna brings Natasha to the water park every week, and it looks like we might join in on the fun during the rest of the summer.

Thanks so much for having us! It's so great to be closer to you guys and be able to get together more frequently now!

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  1. We are so glad you could join us and we look forward to more Wednesdays at the water park!