Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kyra's 1st Trip To Santa Barbara

Last month, we took Kyra on her first trip to Santa Barbara. Well, her first trip since being born - she went there once before, in Mommy's tummy, just before Christmas in 2009. On her first real trip, we all had a great time! Kyra got to see the sights, including Bitterman's Deli, UCSB's campus, downtown, Stearn's Wharf, the rose garden at the Mission, and even the Zoo! But her favorite activity was simply playing in the hotel room. She loved sitting on the couch, playing on the bed, and even just fooling around in her Pack 'n Play.

Kyra loved the hotel room! It was a fancy room at the Best Western by the beach!
Playtime with Mommy
Playing on the bed!
Look Mommy, it's a shoe!
Tickles and giggles with Daddy!
Look Daddy, there's a ceiling fan up there! This room really is fancy!
Ring, ring. Who is it?
Strolling around UCSB
Kyra was very excited about her new UCSB ball!
Storke Tower at UCSB
Too worn out to eat Woodstock's!
Kyra's lucky to have such a cozy Daddy to nap on!
Seriously, she did NOT want to wake up!
Back at the hotel after a fun day! A little playtime before bed.
After breakfast, on Stearn's Wharf
Running all over the rose garden at the Mission
Checking out the fountain
Smelling the roses with Daddy
Lunch at Bitterman's Deli
The red Specials sign in the background was featuring a sandwich called "The Kiki." They must've known we were coming.
A quick trip to the Zoo
Signing "birdie" with Daddy
More animals!


  1. Wow, you guys did a LOT for such a short trip. It really looks like a fun time! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the story, Jackie.

  2. I love this collection of photos. Looks like you three had a wonderful time. Kyra seems to be a good traveler.

  3. You guys packed a lot in, and it looks like Kyra enjoyed every minute! And how adorable is Kyra asleep on Geoff! So cute. We've never been to the Mission - we'll have to check that out sometime! You're making me hungry for Bitterman's and Woodstocks...

  4. What a great trip. Courtney and I both went to UCSB and I just love it. Such a great town to visit. Kyra looked like she loved it!!! Maybe a future gaucho?