Monday, April 4, 2011

Playing At The Park*

*Don't let these photos of Kyra sitting down fool you - she's usually walking briskly all over the place! I just happened to catch a few brief moments while she was seated.

Kyra LOVES going to the park to play! And we've been lucky enough to have a few sunny, warm days lately. She moves pretty quickly these days, but I managed to snap a few cute photos while she was sitting down to play today. She's getting really good at walking, and has definitely been picking up speed. It's getting pretty tough to stay in front of her, but I try to be ready with my hands out in case she starts to stumble or if she needs help to get up or down a cement step. It's so sweet when she looks for me with her hand out, ready to take my hand for help getting up a step! She's finally figured out how to stand up on her own, without the help of furniture or Mommy's leg to pull herself up. It's pretty fun to watch her put her hands out and point her little bottom up in the air while she gets her balance and pushes up to a stand.

She absolutely LOVES watching and interacting with other little kids at the park. Yesterday, she met a little boy named Joey, who was 3 1/2 years old and was quite taken with her! Older boys already. We're going to be in a lot of trouble in the years ahead! Joey kept calling Kyra's name and showing off his various tricks and jungle-gym skills. She was pretty impressed, smiling and giggling at him when he'd go down the slide or climb up and down the play equipment. Kyra LOVES going down the slides (with our help, of course).

It's so much fun watching her grow into a toddler! I thought I would really miss our little baby, but our little toddler is pretty fun, and each new day just gets better than the last!


  1. Kyra is such an active little cutie. Thanks for sharing the day.

  2. Oh my gosh - she is SO your mini me! Too cute. Love her hat!

  3. Oh, and we should set up a park play date soon with Kyra, Natasha, and Jake!