Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kyra's 1st Christmas!

We had such an amazing first Christmas with our little girl! I'm sad that it's already over, but we have so many wonderful memories to look back on, and I'm already looking forward to next Christmas! Kyra wasn't quite sure what to do when it came to opening presents (although she loved ripping up the wrapping paper!), but she seemed to take an interest in all of her new goodies. Hopefully she'll have a better grasp on it for her Birthday in February. She loves her new Christmas train, and has a fancy new rocking horse that she's beginning to investigate. And clothes, and books, and stuffed animals, oh my!

Here's just a bit of the fun we had on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We hope you all had a fantastic holiday, and we wish you a very happy New Year!

Stockings at home on Christmas Eve, before heading off to Grandma & Grandpa's house
Kyra loved the stocking and letter "K" ornament that I picked out for her when I was pregnant last Christmas
Kyra was very interested in her letter "K" ornament!
Kyra had lots of goodies in her stocking - books, toy cars, a pull toy, stuffed animals, and more!
Checking out the gifts in Daddy's stocking
Oh my goodness, I love our little girl!
Kyra's holding up our matching Mommy-Daughter headbands; a gift from Daddy!
I wonder if she'll like the Minions?
Kyra's Daddy surprised us with matching Mommy-Daughter fresh water pearl bracelets!
Kyra's bracelet is so tiny, and it wasn't easy to get on to her wrist, but she didn't seem to mind once it was on
Investigating Mommy's bracelet
What a sweetheart!
Christmas lights in Balboa
Kyra absolutely LOVED looking at all the lights!
She was fascinated by the little Santa Claus who was riding a bicycle back and forth along a wire above our heads
She couldn't take her eyes off of the bike riding Santa!
"Do you guys not see the bike riding Santa up there???!!!!!!"
"Helllloooooo, Santa's up there, and you guys don't seem to even notice!!!!!!"
A wonderful Christmas moment with my baby girl
A happy little family!
Christmas stockings at Grandma & Grandpa's house
What is it?
Trying to get the paper off...
Still working on it...
Getting closer...
It's a Slinkie!!!!
More stocking goodies!!!
Fun with Grandpa
Goofing around with Great-Grandma Lady
Visiting Kyra's BFF, Natasha Larson, at the park
Our 1st Christmas Day with the girls!


  1. It really was a wonderful Christmas. I loved seeing the photos of you three at your home with your stockings. So sweet. By the way, those bracelets are lovely.

  2. I LOVE that Geoff bought you and Kyra matching headbands and pearl bracelets! How cute is that?! Looks like Kyra had an awesome 1st Christmas - next year will be even more fun!

  3. It looks like Kyra had a great 1st Christmas! I'm glad we got the chance to get together that day for a little bit. So fun!

  4. Jackie, those pics with Kyra and her great grandma are priceless. So sweet and heartwarming! Glad you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!!


  5. OMG! Those bracelets are super cute! Oh Geoff, you need to make phone calls to all your man friends out there when you come up with an idea like that!