Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shoes, Hands & Knees, & Diapers, Oh My!

Kyra's first time wearing shoes all day!
Soft shoes handed down from Kyra's cousins!
Smiling during playtime! Such a little grinner!
So darn cute!
"But wait until you see what I can do!"
Knees comes hands!
Hands & knees! If only you could see her rocking back & forth!
Kyra has so much fun playing on her hands & knees!
This little kiddo doesn't sit still for long!
Time for a snack before dinner...

Kyra wore shoes today for the first time. She's put them on before, but only for brief periods of time. But now that she's really working on her scooting abilities, and she loves to stand up when held, I figured I should start getting her used to shoes. So she wore them pretty much all day today and seemed to enjoy them.

She's trying out more solid foods. So far, she's had sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, sweet peas, apples, and today she tried bananas for the first time. Yesterday she seemed a bit constipated. But rest assured, so took care of all that today! Oh my goodness - I thought we had somewhat overcome the "poopie blowouts." Well, that's NOT the case. Kyra decided to have 3 diaper fiasco's today! At least there's one positive outcome here - she's got plenty of cute clothes to get her through these rough moments!

She's getting better and better at getting up on her hands and knees. She loves to prop herself up, and then rock back and forth. She's working on her forward momentum, but isn't crawling yet. She seems to have figured out how to scoot herself backwards, but we think she's actually intending to move forward but ends up pushing herself back. She's working on planting her feet though. Time to start baby-proofing our house!

Lastly, Kyra's Grandpa seems to have discovered a funny little trick. Apparently Kyra quite enjoys it when her Grandpa and her Daddy clear their throat. The simple act of throat clearing sends her into a giggle frenzy! So adorable! This afternoon, Geoff was playing video games (shocking, I know!) with his big headphones on. For some reason, we think the headphones scared Kyra, since Daddy didn't look like Daddy anymore, and she suddenly started screaming and crying uncontrollably for around 10 minutes. When regular Daddy Geoff (not headphone-wearing alien-looking Daddy) picked her up and held her, she suddenly quieted down and even started smiling at Mommy and her kitty Zoe. A minute later, Geoff cleared his throat, and we suddenly had a cute little baby laughing hysterically. We'll definitely take hysterical laughter over hysterical tears!

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  1. omg, she is so adorable! these are SUCH cute pictures!!!