Tuesday, August 10, 2010

6 Months? Really?

Kyra's been keeping us pretty busy these days! So busy, in fact, that it's been difficult to keep the blog up to date. So you'll have to forgive our recent absence.

Somehow, our little girl is turning 6 months old tomorrow (August 11th)! She goes for her 6-month check up on Thursday, and we're looking forward to getting the go-ahead to start giving Kyra some real food. She's been eating rice cereal since she was 4 months old, and she's beginning to get a little tired of it (can you blame her for getting bored with the flavorless gruel!?). She really seems like she's ready for actual food, so we're looking forward to letting her learn all about eating! You can bet that Mommy is going to introduce some spicy foods while she's young (no, not too early, but this kid is going to love all kinds of food!).

We also have a feeling that she's grown quite a bit since her 4-month check up. We've got her big girl car seats ready and waiting (1 for each car), since it looks like she's going to grow out of her infant seat very soon. We can't believe how much she's grown and changed in these 6 months (not to mention how fast 6 months have gone by!!). Kyra loves to sit up, and she's getting better at it everyday. Last weekend, she sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time, and she loved it! She looked like such a grown up little baby!

She's also gotten really good at rolling from her tummy to her back, so much so that it's nearly impossible to keep her on her tummy! She also rolls from her back to her tummy, but much less frequently. We've found her on her tummy in her crib a few times. She doesn't love it, but eventually she either rolls over on to her back or just gives up and falls asleep on her tummy. She's also officially in "sleep sacks" now (no more swaddle blankets for our baby doll).

Kyra loves looking at her kitty cats, Zoe and Bella, and is even learning how to pet them (with Mommy's help, of course!). Once she starts crawling (which probably isn't too far off), those kitties should probably take cover and hide their tails, because Kyra will almost definitely be chasing after them and trying her best to grab their fur with her sticky, strong little fingers. She's had a lot of practice at yanking on Mommy's hair and ripping it out with her iron grip - trust me, the kitties will "enjoy" it even less than Mommy!

I'll leave you with some recent pictures of some of Kyra's activities: A trip to the Orange County Fair with Mommy and Daddy, an outing to the Grove and Farmer's Market with Grandma Linda, some playtime and sitting practice on the couch, and a playdate with Jake Balice.

Orange County Fair

The Grove & Farmer's Market

Playing on the couch

Playdate with Jake Balice


  1. Beautiful photos! They do grow up in a flash. Enjoy!!
    Blessings and prayers,

  2. What a lovely blog update to wake up to this morning. Kyra is such a happy and playful little girl. I love these photos. Happy 6 month Birthday Kyra!!

    Grandma Carol

  3. Happy 6 months Kyra!!! Jakey had so much fun hanging out with you last weekend! Can't wait to see you again soon :)