Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Firsts!

First time in downtown Long Beach, sleeping on Daddy
Trying out her new Jumperoo, and enjoying it!
Smiley little jumper!
First time in a shopping cart, and the first time at a grocery store!
Kyra loved sitting in the shopping cart, and enjoyed looking around at everything!
First time on the Balboa Ferry!
Fun with Mommy and Grandma in Balboa
Two cute cuddle bugs!
First time at BJ's Pizza

Kyra's been a busy girl! Many more firsts! Mommy's back in school and trying to find time to get lots of work done, but Kyra wants to make sure that her followers are kept informed about all of her goings on.

A few days ago, we went down to Long Beach, had lunch, and walked around the harbor. Later this summer, we're planning to go back and get a membership to the Aquarium of the Pacific. As you can see from the photo, she had a nice little nap in the Ergo on her Daddy - and Daddy was in heaven during the whole thing!

Kyra tried out her new jumperoo, and loves it! We've been hearing some great squeals, and it's been so much fun to watch her jump up and down and get all excited about it. Her feet barely skim the floor, but she's learning how to use her tippy toes to move around.

A new Sprouts grocery store just opened up near our house, so we decided to try it out a few days ago. It was Kyra's first time in a grocery store (normally we do all of our food shopping in the Target grocery department), and her first time in the shopping cart. She had a great time, and loved looking around at everything. She was especially well-mannered when it took forever to check out. They have an abnormally HUGE candy section (the serve yourself, sell by weight kind) in the middle of the store, right near the check out aisles. I'm already worried about, when Kyra gets older, how will I keep her from getting her little hands up into the candy bins, and how will I explain nicely to her that she can't get candy every time we go grocery shopping.

And last, but certainly not least, Kyra had a fabulous afternoon in Balboa recently with her Grandma Linda. We took Kyra on her first Ferry ride, and she cooperated during lunch at BJ's Pizza.

Summer's only just begun, so I'm sure there will be many, many more fun firsts to come. Kyra's looking forward to seeing her friends Natasha and Jake this weekend! I'm sure there will be some photos to share with you from that fun event!

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