Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some More Firsts!

Kyra went swimming for the first time last weekend! It took her a few minutes to adjust, but she really enjoyed herself! Here are some fun photos!

We also went to the LA Zoo for the first time last week! Kyra enjoyed her playdate with her buddy Jake (pictured), as well as twins Dylan and Kyra (another Kyra, not pictured - we'll have to get some photos next time)!
A photo of Kyra with a gorilla in the background, to prove that she actually went to the zoo!
Kyra enjoyed a nap in her Ergo carrier
Jake and his Mommy, Amanda

Kyra also enjoyed her first Memorial Day get together at her Grandma Linda's pool! She got to swim again, play with her cousins, and spend some quality time with her BFF, Natasha.
Swimming with Maddie
Swimming with Mia
Swimming with Daddy & Uncle Jason
Kyra's Grandpa Phil & cousin Izzy
Hangin' with Natasha

Last, but not least, some cute pics of Kyra playing with her seahorse rattle in her Bumbo seat!

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  1. She is so adorable in her swim outfit!!! And yay for her awesome naps! Great job Kyra! Keep it up :)